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Folksy Q&A: Round Up of Week 1

by James


So we trialled the question and answer in the forums last night, as mentioned in yesterday’s blog post. We intend to provide a round up of the main points covered in the weekly Q&A’s to help people review them and see what happened (as scrolling through a forum thread can be quite time consuming).

61 Switchboard at Tyndall Field, Florida WWII
Photo by Rich701

Thank you to everyone who provided questions and apologies to those I didn’t manage to cover off in time.

Main points covered:

  • Gift Guides. The banners promoting the new Gift Guides may give the impression to buyers that they are a list of all things in that theme e.g. Valentines. We’re working on making these banners clearer so as not to confuse buyers. We are also adding to the items in the gift guides and aim, going forward, to pick out a broad range of different themes and items.
  • Finding items / ambient findability. There was some concern that with keywords being dropped people were unable to find some items as easily as they could before. We will be introducing the concept of “practices”  soon which will apply to both crafters, designers and makers and also items of work (so you’ll be able to search by “knitting” or “ceramics”).
  • View counter: The view counter which Folksy used to provide was a popular feature and you want it back. We took the view counter away because it was actually a rather outdated bit of code and also because Google Analytics (GA) can provide far better and more accurate analysis of your traffic. However, we do appreciate people don’t like using GA and we are planning to create a proper dashboard for sellers but this will not happen in the near future; this piece of work is not slated in with an estimated start date.
  • Search results view: Search results show a list as a default and there was a question about whether this would change – yes it will. The user interface for search will be changing to a grid view (like the default around the site) and will also allow you to filter results by category and key facets like price. More about timescales etc for this work (scroll to the bottom).
  • “Show More”. Search results also have the default “show more” pattern for displaying content. This has caused some frustration as when you go to look at an item and then go back (via the browser button) you are not necessarily taken back to the place on the page you were looking at.  We got rid of pagination because of a lot of research work that showed people could scan images far more quickly than text and also that pagination was very off-putting to people browsing. So, the way that the “show more” behaves is actually done in the browser – different browsers do different things – some do attempt to take you back to where you where. However, many don’t and it’s not something we can solve, but something that we hope browsers will adopt. Some people get around this by opening items in new tabs in their browser – which is a bit of a hack but does work
  • Page fade. We brought in a slight fade on the page to try and make the browsing experience more active and feel more tactile. Many people have reported not liking it as it makes their work look dull. We’re undertaking more usability testing (with a buyer quota)  in the next few weeks and we’ll be looking at this and reporting back on how buyers find it and make a decision on what we do about it then.
  • Terms of use / Policing the Handmade policy: The terms state that things have to be handmade and we have a definition around that but many items on the site seem to break the definition and yet despite being reported are still there. This does penalise those people who abide by the terms as our post-moderation system can be time consuming (checking the item, liaising with the maker and often debating the specifics of the item). We are working on a couple of ways to improve the policing of items but we’re also keen to find a more workable policy too and part of the (qual) research we’re conducting in February will be looking at this issue further.
  • We also had quite a few feature requests such as: better seller messaging for custom orders and things like specifying sizing – which we’re scoping out; different postage options for each country – rather than just one, which will be looked at when we re-do the listing page which will have better ways to manage postage / shipping;  automatic discounting on goods – something we’d love to offer in conjunction with discount codes and we’re looking at this as but have no plans to develop this in the near future; Printable receipts to send with items – yes! we’re working on something which we’re rather excited about which will do this (an uber shipping note).

It was great fun doing the Q&A and moreover, we’ve found it really valuable feedback. Andrew will be doing next week’s Q&A on Thursday, same format, so look out for the thread which he’ll post in the morning of the 5th Feb.

Please do look at Knowledge Base if you have any queries and if you can’t find your answer there then do contact support.


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