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January Category Review and Changes

by James

Back in November we announced that we would be reviewing categories and seeing how they performed and making changes to them as required. We have made some minor changes since November but this marks our first major analysis and our first major amend.

We analysed the categories according to their performance around:

  • Views / Visitors versus stocks levels
  • Sales performance (this is actually measured as the people transacting after visiting the category rather than from that category)

The criteria for changing (merging, moving or deleting) categories is based on their performance but also on requests from designers and makers.

The following changes to the categories are described, below and the most significant changes affect men’s clothing, home decorations and ceramics:

  • Panniers in both Men’s and Women’s “Bags and Cases” category to be merged with rucksacks to create a “Panniers and Rucksacks” sub-category
  • Merge all men’s clothing sub-categories except for “costumes” into one sub-category in a renamed category “Clothing and Accessories”. So there will now be a “clothing” and a “costumes” sub-category in “Clothing and Accessories” category in “Men”
  • Merge the “tables” and “chairs” subcategories in “Babies and Children > Nursery and Bedroom” into one sub-category
  • “Lamps” sub-category in “Babies and Children > Nursery and Bedroom” to be deleted and items moved to main lamps sub-category in “Home and Garden > Decorations and Furniture”
  • Change “tea cosies” to “cosies” in “Home and Garden > Kitchen and Dining”
  • Add “teapots” sub-category to “Home and Garden > Kitchen and Dining”
  • Create a “Placemats and Table Runners” sub-category in “Home and Garden > Kitchen and Dining” to replace “Placemats”
  • Delete the “Placecards” sub-category in “Home and Garden > Office and Stationery”
  • Change “Decorations and Furniture” to “Home Decorations” and adding the new subcategories “Hanging Decorations”, “Ornaments”, “Decorative Dishes” and “Doilies”
  • Create a new category “Furniture” in “Home and Garden” and adding the new subcategories “Drawers”, “Stools” and “Rails & Hooks”
  • Move all items in “Everything Else” in “Living Room” to Everything Else” in “Home Decorations”
  • Move “Cushions”, “Blankets”, “Rugs”, “Bookends” sub-categories from “Living Room” to “Home Decorations”
  • Move “Doorstops” from “Kitchen and Dining” to “Home Decorations”
  • Move “Storage”, “Tables”, “Bookcases”, “Cabinets”, “Chairs”, “Shelves” from “Home and Garden > Home decorations” to “Home and Garden >Furniture”
  • Merge “Musical instruments” and “Musical Accessories” in ‘Home and Garden > Games and Activities” and rename it “Musical Items”
  • Create new category in “Art and Cards > Art and Photography > ACEO’s”  and merge all categories in ACEO’s into that new category
  • Rename the category “Clothing and Shoes” in “Weddings” to “Clothing” and move shoes and petticoats to “Everything Else”
  • Rename “Weddings > Stationery > Menus” to “Weddings > Stationery > Menus and Orders of Service” merge items
  • Add “Gemstones” sub-category to “Commercial Supplies”
  • Add “Ceramic Art” sub-category in “Art and Cards > Art and Photography”
  • Move “Stained Glass” from “Art and Cards > Art and Photography” to “Home Decorations” and rename “Glass and Sculpture” category to “Sculpture”
  • Add “Memo & Notice Boards” sub-category in “Home & Garden > Office & Stationery”
  • Add “Sketchbooks” sub-category in “Home & Garden > Craft room & Workshop”

We have had a lot of requests to create a ceramics category. The information architecture was orientated to support directed browsing of products and we thought most ceramic work would be listed in the functional categories, for example “bowl”, “vase”, “mug” etc. And we have facets in each of the categories to filter results by material which also helps people refine to see only ceramic work. However, we recognise that some ceramists make works of art that may have functional value but which they see as having more decorative or artistic value.


Going forward we are going to be creating an additional way to find things through Folksy: practices. You’ll be able to browse by practice across designers and makers (sellers) and also items. This is really important to us in supporting craft and provenance and the making of things. We’ll be saying more about the timeline for this work soon, but we wanted to raise it now as it is relevant to the many requests we receive that ask for categories to have more of a materials focus. Materials are important, but we believe more as a means to filter items than as a core browsing experience and actually practices will be far more helpful for people wanting way to browse Folksy that isn’t based on the function an item performs.

I’m sure there will be lots of questions about the category changes so please comment here or post a question in the Q&A in the forum on the 5th or contact support.


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Paul January 30, 2012 - 8:57 pm

Still not a suitable category for Jewellery Boxes

Lynsey aka Swirlyarts January 30, 2012 - 9:27 pm

Yeah for the doorstops move :)

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