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Ask Folksy – Summary 9/2/12

by James


It’s been a busy week so I’m slightly late getting the summary up from last week’s “Ask” session in the forums.

Here are the highlights:

  • BaggieAggie questioned how the order numbers were counted in the shop. We count individual items sold even when there are multiple items in an order and also where one person buys multiple things. One item sold is the measure and this is what is displayed on your shop page. We used to count this differently however and they used to be counted as one order if a buyer bought multiples of the same item. This may account for people seeing more items sold now than previously.
  • @BonnieLass stated that the “continue shopping” button on the basket page is confusing and takes you back to the homepage. Continue shopping is quite hard to get right as where should people be sent to? If they have come from Google to an item page then a shop page or a category page wouldn’t necessarily be relevant. Many other sites omit to show a “continue shopping” option because we can’t second guess where the buyer expects to go and we’ll be getting rid of the “continue shopping” link in the next release, with any browsing behaviour already supported by the primary navigation – categories.
  • Paypal issues were raised by a few people, some seeing a rise in the number of items that had been bought but that had not been marked as paid, so causing confusion and necessitating contact with the buyer and also with Folksy (to mark the item as paid). This shouldn’t happen and we’re working on updating the checkout process and improving the way in which we integrate with Paypal (through a payments service) and we’ll then be able to better interrogate issues where this happens. At the moment Paypal doesn’t give us enough information to diagnose the problem.
  • We were told that our 404 page was too rude. It shows a popular print from Sianuska print that says “buggeration” and “bloody hell”. It’s just meant to be a bit of fun but we’ll look to change these 404 images more so you’ll get other things to look at.
  • Can you sell things made by friends? Nope. We want to foster a direct relationship between buyers and craftspeople.
  • When using search, which has the pattern “show more items” (much like Google image search), when going back from that item page to search you are taken to the top of the search page and many pointed out this is frustrating and you should be taken to the point where you last were. This is actually a browser issue and different browsers do different things. We’ll be looking at providing a solution to this (or a better user experience) when we do the search improvement work which is due to start in March.
  • Are there any plans to change checkout so that items remain for sale until the buyer completes payment? Yep, this will be coming in the checkout release shortly.
  • Could the search term be kept in the search field, as it disappears on any action being undertaken? Yep, again this will be resolved when we tackle the search work starting in March.
  • The drop down list of countries for “shipping” on the listing page is random. Yep, this will be fixed ASAP.

Thank you for the questions. Keep them coming for this Thursday’s Ask thread which we’ll continue to answer on Friday in work time as we did last week.


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