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Understanding the Dashboard and Re-stocking

by James

Yesterday we soft launched the much anticipated “re-stocking” feature which also includes a new dashboard.

The key things in this release are:

  • You now have a dashboard showing key information to help manage your listings
  • Listings have permanent URLs or web addresses and you can change the stock levels in the listing

I’m going to explain a few things about the feature here to compliment the screencast video, below (masterly conducted by ‘Grandad’ Andrew):


Your Dashboard

Previously your dashboard wasn’t really a dashboard at all. Dashboards should provide you with information you can act on – they should be strong feedback loops. Your new dashboard, below, gives you key information at a glance.

Previously, Folksy was orientated around items, now we’re focused on listings and  whilst this may sound trivial it is really important to understand the difference.

  • The dashboard shows active and inactive listings (not items)
  • A listing can have up to 100 items
  • Listings last for 4 months (120 days to be exact)
  • Expired listings may still be seen as sold items through your shop page – if you delete expired listings that have sold any items the image will disappear from your sold items view.

So when you see “active listings” it means listings that still have some of their 4 months to run, even if they have a stock level of 0. This is quite hard to grasp so I’ll provide an example.

If you list a new piece of work and you only have one of them available this will show as a listing with one available. It will show as an active listing in your dashboard. If you sell the one item in the listing after two weeks the listing will still show as active as you still have two months and two weeks of the listing left. You can then choose whether to re-stock the listing with another item (if you are able to) or not.


Listings are either active, inactive (not live on the site but still have time to run), expired or draft.

  • Active – live on the site and available to buy
  • Inactive – still has time to run in the listing period but not available to buy and not shown on the index pages of the site. You may make a listing inactive if, for example, you are taking stock to a craft fair.
  • Expired – listings that have gone beyond their 4mth active period
  • Draft – Listings that were created and previewed but never published

Re-stocking allows you to change the number of items in a listing whilst the listing is still active.

  • You will be charged 15p per item when you increase the number of items.
  • If you decrease the number of items in a listing (because you have sold them elsewhere perhaps) then you are not charged

You can choose to make an active listing, inactive and an inactive listing, active, at any time. Expired and draft listings can be re-listed. When re-listing you will be charged for the number of items in the listing. So if you have three items in an expired listing and you re-list you will be charged 45p (+VAT).  Re-listing an item will increase the visibility on the Folksy indexes – it will rise up the category pages as they are organised by recency of listing. Re-stocking doesn’t affect the visibility of listings on Folksy.

What’s the difference between re-stocking and re-listing and when does it make financial sense to do one or the other?


Re-stocking means increasing (or decreasing) the stock levels in an active listing. Re-listing is making an expired or draft item active.

You need to decide what makes more sense financially, to re-stock or re-list. Let me explain.

If you have 3 items in an active listing with two weeks remaining on the listing and 2 items sell. At this point your listing has cost you 45p (+VAT). Do you re-stock or re-list? Re-stocking with 2 items will cost you 30p (+VAT) but you will only get two weeks to sell them before the listing expires. If you re-list the listing with three items it will cost 45p (+VAT) but you will get a full 4 months listing. In this case you’re probably better to re-list unless you know your items will sell in two weeks.

Whether you re-stock or re-list will depend on two main factors: the stock you have and the length of time a listing has to run (and if you care whether the listing is seen higher up in the main category pages).

Bug fixing

If you notice any glitches in the dashboard or when playing with the re-stocking feature please do report them to support and we’ll look into it ASAP.

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Teresa Walker May 22, 2012 - 1:08 pm

Hi all, I must say I initially liked the changes to the dashboard, and still do but I do find the expired listings still showing sold items a tad confusing, even though I understand the aim.

This is going to result in long long lists of expired items which we can’t delete because this will delete our sold items. Some of us have been here years and will have a good sized sold items page, which do get views, people do like to see what we have sold as well has what we have to sell. I do it myself.

Also, you’ve take off the number of favs for each item, which is important to us as sellers. Can we have it back please? It’s very encouraging and a bit of a morale boost when we see favs on an item.

Lastly, on sold items, you’ve removed the date of sale…again this is VERY important to us as sellers…so please please please can you add the sale date to that part.

Otherwise. well done. I love the top three boxes,information at a glance.

James May 22, 2012 - 2:58 pm

Thanks for the comment. We’ve made some changes this morning – the date of sale is now viewable. The number of favourites per item is something we will address – we want to promote favourites. You can still see the people who favourite your shop of course.

Karen (Dreams) May 22, 2012 - 2:10 pm

Please help – I’ve lost lots of pictures from my sold items – there are just blank squares and not pictures of the items I have sold – so if someone looks at my shop and clicks on sold items – they get titles and blank squares. Really hope you can help – and return my photographs. Karen (aka Dreams)

James May 22, 2012 - 3:00 pm

Hi Karen, If you delete something and it is something that has sold then the image will disappear from your sold view. We have a warning to stop people doing this accidentally. If you deleted items previously exactly the same would happen.

Rachel May 22, 2012 - 2:24 pm

Your description of the difference between re-list and re-stock is good, but the word restock doesn’t actually appear on the dashboard? I presume we restock by clicking the “edit” button and changing the quantity inside the listing?
Also just to be crystal clear, if you re-list while there is still quantity >0 in the listing, you lose that quantity – that is why in your example it costs 15p(+vat) more to relist to quantity = 3 than to restock to quantity = 3. Both options make your shop look the same (ie you have 3 of that item) but one costs 15p more (and you have bought 4m more listing).
Also a minor typo – in your first example I think it should be “three months and two weeks” left not 2m and 2w.

James May 22, 2012 - 3:01 pm

Fair point! You re-stock through “manage your items” – I guess you can also do lots of other things on that page too so it can’t just be called “re-stock”.

Louisa Oakes May 22, 2012 - 2:29 pm

Wish I’d known about not deleting expired items yesterday when we got the dashboard! I had an expired item that had sold so deleted it then realised the photo had gone from my sold items section. Good job I checked- but I know from the forums other people deleted more.
Are we going to get to see how many favourites our items have? These are a great indicator when deciding whether to relist an item or not.
Other than those things, all looks good to me!
Louisa @ beady daze

James May 22, 2012 - 3:03 pm

Hi @BeadyDaze,
Favourites will come back. Deleting expired listings is something we don’t want to encourage as it may affect your sold items view. Also, it will delete the URL effectively making any links back to your work and Folksy redundant. If you want to manage expired items just sort them by date etc.

Heather Hanlon (Secret Moon) May 22, 2012 - 5:01 pm

Tried to list an item under Living room. The drop down menu for the category would not work. Oops! Needs fixing.
Over all this site is easier to use than some of the others I am using. Simple is always best.
Hope you fix things soon. Thanks.

Sandra Taylor May 22, 2012 - 5:53 pm

ive noticed that the number of sales for me does not tally with my records. The dashboard states 12 sales and I know theres been 14 in May so far. Is this another glitch?

Sandra x

James May 23, 2012 - 10:49 am

Hi Sandra,

Thanks for your comment.

The dashboard shows the last 30 days and not the last calendar month. The sales figure is based on orders (not items per se) so if you have an order where someon buys two items from you we would only count that as 1 order (as the dashboard states orders, not items). Hope that helps.

Joy Salt May 22, 2012 - 9:06 pm

You have asked for comments so here are mine.

We need urgent fixes for three things :

1. Pictures back onto our Sold Items view (missing where sellers have deleted inactive sold items because the instructions not to came too late.

This page is what the customers see, the gaps looks absolutely silly and reflect very badly indeed on Folksy as a marketplace.

I have one gap. I need to sell 48 things before it falls off the bottom.

2. An option (tick box/es would be good) on the Dashboard to select :

a. Sold items only. This is such an important view and is not available within the dashboard any more, only if you View Shop and then Sold items. I believe it then shows the first 60 (with possible blanks !).

b. Unsold items only. This is what we as sellers want and need to see – what we have for sale.

c. No box ticked – as it is at the moment, a mixed up jumble of sold and unsold. Goodness knows who would want to see this, as a Seller I have no use for it but I presume Folksy thinks somebody has. I haven’t yet found any seller who does anyway.

I imagine that implementing a simple tick box option and then selection of items from the database to be displayed according to whether ticked or not would be very very simple to code.

3. Order / Sale Dates are missing from Manage Orders. This is essential information and I can’t imagine why it is not shown.

Joy xx

James May 23, 2012 - 10:57 am

Hi Joy,

I’ll feedback on each of your comments in turn:
1. The delete button really does delete everything and that double action (you get a warning) is going to be made even more of a WARNING. The Sold items view will not show any of the listings that have been deleted so will not look broken. We *may* be able to restore some of the listing images into peoples’ sold items view but this will have to be done on a case-by-case basis.
2. There’s a conceptual shift here between listings and items. You create listings and these have items. We’re going to provide a view (which I think is what you’re after) of listings that are “out of stock” to help you manage these more effectively. From the “out of stock” view you can choose to re-list.
3. Sales / order dates are now back and viewable.

Hope this helps,


Joy Salt May 23, 2012 - 12:45 pm

Thanks for responding.

First point 3.
Sales/Order dates are Not back.
They are only showing against the Latest 3 on the dashboard.
In View or Manage Orders there are no dates, anywhere.

Point 1.
I would be really grateful if you could restore just my missing picture, there is only one but it looks so silly.
There is a copy of it here :

Point 2:

It is because the sold items are mixed in with the unsold that the unfortunate deletions have taken place.
I was taking the opportunity to do multiple deletions of my unsold, delisted and accidentally deleted the sold pinwheel, even so i didn’t realise the effect it would have.
If I did that once, I could do it again.

That means that this aspect of the dashboard is not making it easier to manage our shop, it is making it harder.

In order to delete my unsold de3listed things which I really don’t want hanging about (and which I have probably already relisted anyway) I have to sort very carefully and check each one very carefully to see if it has sold or not.

Previously i could happily delete my delisted, even if only one at a time.

I see what you are saying about moving from listing to items but am not sure that your crafty sellers see that or understand the reason for it.

If like me they create unique pieces and only unique pieces, as most crafty people do, then the concept of multiple items per listing and restocking is just not valid.

I want to see what is in my shop, I want to see what is sold.
I could see that before, I can’t see it easily now.

That is why I suggested what I think would be an easy option to retain your listing concept but also give us the chance to view what we actually need.

Thanks for your time and hope you will take my comments on board.

Joy xx

Tracy Smith May 23, 2012 - 4:32 pm

Hi James,
I understand that now the dashboard is focused on listings and not items but as a seller what I want to see from my dashboard is –
Active Listings – items still for sale
Sold items
Expired Listings
Inactive Listings

When we were asking for a listing url to remain the same I think what most people were referring to was the url from an expired listing remaining the same when that item was relisted, which brings obvious benefits SEO-wise. Is this what happens now when we relist an expired item?

The restock feature where the url remains the same as the listing is still active (even though the item has sold) is not a cost effective way of selling – paying the full listing price for a reduced listing period does not make sense and I doubt many sellers will use it – I certainly won’t, so keeping those “active/sold” listings in our Active Listing section seems pointless.

What was supposed to be an improvement and make our lives easier as sellers has yet again caused great confusion and consternation amongst sellers.

James May 23, 2012 - 7:18 pm

Hi Tracey,

“When we were asking for a listing url to remain the same I think what most people were referring to was the url from an expired listing remaining the same when that item was relisted, which brings obvious benefits SEO-wise. Is this what happens now when we relist an expired item?”

Yes, it is.

Your other comment about this not being cost effective isn’t quite true. If you list 20 things in one listing (many supplies sellers sell a lot of the same thing) and sell 5 in the first fortnight you would probably want to re-stock with 5 more, rather than pay for 20 more by re-listing. Does this make sense?

We appreciate that many people who make handmade don’t have more than one item in their listing, but equally there are many people that do.

Tracy Smith May 23, 2012 - 8:34 pm

Thanks for your reply. It does make sense about restocking for supplies sellers but keeping sold but still active listings in our active listings section is confusing.

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