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Re-stocking and Managing Items pt. 2

by James

Earlier in May we wrote about the new re-stocking functionality, allowing you to manage your items more effectively. This release also included a new look dashboard.

The work was very well received. However, from the early feedback you gave us there was some confusion about the difference between items and listings and the labeling we used to describe the different ‘states’ of listings.

Firstly, listings. Listings are distinct from items. Listings contain items. If you created a listing with one item in it and that item sold then you would still have a listing, as it has not expired. In the illustration, below, the apples are items and the trug is a listing.








Secondly, there is labeling. Initially listings were described as active, inactive, expired and draft. Some people found the labeling confusing, particularly as a listing may have 0 (zero) items but still be ‘active’ (if you sold the items in that listing before the listing expired).

So, we’ve made it more intuitive:

Now we have listings that are:

  • For sale – with items for sale
  • Out of stock – live listings with no items for sale (that you could choose to re-stock)
  • Hidden – that you choose to make hidden so they can’t be seen in the indexes or bought, for example when you’re attending a craft fair.
  • Expired – Listings that have expired (after 4months listings expire)
  • Draft – Listings that were never published

Expired and draft listings are also given a different visual weight so you can differentiate between listings that are ‘active’ and those that aren’t.

These changes were released this morning (June 1st 2012)  and we’ve updated the screencast video to show you how the manage items screen works to include the new labels.

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alisonmooredesigns June 3, 2012 - 9:15 am

Genius! I like how you separated out which items are stocked in your shop at any time from those that are out of stock. Thanks :-)

James June 3, 2012 - 11:51 am

Thanks Ally, glad you like it

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