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Studios, Guilds, Associations and You

by James

There’s a whole economy built around people that make things. We see some of that informally in friendship groups that spring up over a bottle of wine (or two) or knitting circles and some more formally in studios and guilds (procrastination warning: this is a great Wikipedia article).

The social web enables us to engage with groups relatively easily. Facebook, particularly is great for groups of all kinds to have some identity and management online. But often the more formal economy in the shape of studios, guilds and associations don’t really live online. They inhabit an older, more formal space of management teams and bureaucracy that makes it harder to just ‘be’ online and that makes it harder for us to engage with them and support them. But we’re going to try.

We want to reach out to the broader creative community and support those organisations that themselves support makers and designers. Directories online tend to be either very partial or out-of-date, or both. And those don’t have the human connection. We want to know those that you know, that you have a relationship with as you are the community that use Folksy it makes sense to reach out to our “friends of friends”.

To do that we need your help. We’d like you to tell us about the studios, associations or guilds that you know of. You can jot them down in the form, below. Then we’ll reach out and say hello to them, not in any salesy way, but through sending them a summer sampler (which we’re producing) and perhaps just emailing them to see if we can help.

Through you we can all get closer.

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Fiona Humphrey (Inkyprints-Originals)) June 21, 2012 - 12:04 pm

I love the idea of raising the professional profile in this way, and I think it is a good idea for the Folksy team to initiate the introduction – I hope that you get a positive response.

Martine Brumwell June 23, 2012 - 7:49 pm

This sounds like a great idea. There must be lots of craft galleries, art galleries and studios who are unaware of the existence of Folksy and the fabulous opportunity it gives to designers and makers. It would be really great to make these places more aware of Folksy and the amount of talent showcased here.

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