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Weeknote #268

by James

It’s 5 years and 59 days, or 268 weeks since Folksy launched. To put that in some context it took the Pioneer II spacecraft 338 weeks to reach Saturn, so we still have around 490 days to go galactic.

We’re starting to do weeknotes (the format: a weekly post on what we’ve been doing) to say what’s preoccupying us and what we’re working on. We might not do this every week, but we’ll be aiming to do it regularly. So, this last week it’s mainly been prepping for the imminent launch of the new shops. This has meant developing on heroku and managing some of the issues that come from the new app speaking to the old app. Interfacing with the old app is a bit like dealing with Jabba the Hut. It has it’s own way of doing things (the way the data is managed for one) and it needs interpreting. Eventually we’ll kill it, using our (and James‘ and Rich’s) Jedi powers. To make that death less painful we’re shifting functionality over to the new app in a phased approach.

The Folksy Kanban board gives a sense of the our work and it’s flow:

We’re moving toward a more dynamic way of working, releasing code more regularly and making incremental improvements to the service based on research, suggested features and of course analytics into the way the service is used. Kanban is a way to help us prioritise and visualise that (the Government GDS service talk about their use of Kanban in this excellent insight into their working life).

Camilla has jumped into her new role as head of content as Emily takes on head of marketing, from Portland, Oregon where she’s moved to.  When she’s waking up we’re getting ready to finish. How quickly it will take for Emily to morph into a Portlandia Resident?  One of the things Camilla has already sorted is a regular blog post from a brilliant business brain, Doug Richard #FTW!

This was our my favourite track this week gone. This was our my favourite website of the week.

Roll on #269.


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