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Butterscotch and Beesting cushions

Shop Talk: Butterscotch & Beesting

After moving away from a career in publishing, Camilla Westergaard sharpened her pencils, taught herself how to sew and how to create repeat patterns. She started her business, Butterscotch & Beesting, in 2011 and now stocks shops across Europe and is regularly featured in magazines.

We asked Camilla to answer three questions that are often asked by Folksy sellers.

Do you promote your work? If so, which seems to be the most successful?
I’m a huge fan of Pinterest and I know a lot of people and shops have found me through there. Craft fairs and trade shows are great for getting in front of buyers too.

Is there anything you’ve particularly struggled with?
Pricing. Trying to sell things at a price that is affordable but still leaves me with a (little) profit. Being small, I can’t buy in bulk or afford to get things made for me, so I make almost everything myself and my costs are high. I’m learning that specialising in one thing helps. That way I can buy in bigger quantities and focus!

If you could give one tip to other makers, what would it be?
Invest in really good photographs. It’s tempting just to list things quickly to get them sold, but if your pictures are good, you’re more likely to get featured online and in the press. So that one item brings much more value than just the price it sells for.

Read our interview with Camilla on the Folksy Tumblr.

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