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Folksy Finds

by Camilla

There’s a pretty awesome new feature on the Folksy front page. It’s called Folksy Finds, and it’s the place where we get to show everyone a few of our favourite things. This is how it works: whenever a member of the Folksy team favourites something, that thing goes into a giant cupboard in the office, and every day the Folksy elf ventures inside, has a root around and picks 50 fabulous things to display on the front page.

Sort of. Apart from without the cupboard. Or the elf. But it does show the last 50 things the Folksy team have favourited in a random order, seven at a time. And every time you click the twirly “see-more” circle, it shows a new selection of seven things from our most-recent 50 favourites. Plus whenever we favourite a new thing, that thing gets added to the selection, taking the place of something else, so the finds will be constantly changing.

All clear? (The elf explained it much better when I bumped into him outside the cupboard earlier…)

Each and every thing shown in Folksy Finds is something that somebody in the Folksy team loves. They’re hand-picked by us.

These are the things we especially loved this week…

Blue Pot Duo by The Potterer
picked by Emily (marketing hottie)
“I’ve tried (and failed) a few times in my life to throw a clay pot and so I know this craft takes time to master. Consequently I am always inspired by the work of a potter. Even the simplest of pieces, like these two blue pots, takes skill that can only be mastered through hours and hours of practice. I love that.”

James Boardwell
Pistachio Door Wedge by Loglike
picked by James B (official title: Captain James of the Good Ship Folksy)
“What a great twist on a door wedge. A humble, boring door wedge transformed into this goat’s-cheese-looking modern masterpiece.” 

Camilla Westergaard, Folksy
Monaco Tee by Feral Sphere
picked by me, Camilla (trapeze wannabee with a sorry head for heights)
“However hard I try, I can’t resist a circle. Or a semi-circle. Or a triangle. Or a nice square. Diamonds are good too.”

James Almond, Folksy
Trench Satchel by Lost Kind
picked by James 3 (developer superhero and Folksy’s spouse-in-waiting)
“I’ve got my eye on this Tanned Leather Satchel to replace my ageing laptop bag. I love the hand-stitched look, and the lifetime repair guarantee means it might be the last time I need to replace it.”

Sian Hughes, Folksy
Gin in a Tea Cup by Yvonne Ellen
picked by Sian (the glue that holds this whole place together)
I’m not sure why this stood out for me this week. Perhaps it was the attractive and calming pastel colours. Or was it bees?”

Doug Folksy
Space Puffy Pants by Charm & Laundry
picked by Doug (master of the web and songstress)
“The perfect fun present for a girlfriend. What? Uh, no, not currently, but I have… I have! Yes, really! Well, she didn’t live locally, but we went out for about… No I am not making her up!”



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LizzieMade October 17, 2013 - 8:45 pm

Brilliant! I was admiring the “puffy pants” the other day – not often you find pants with pictures of outer space!
And I love the “cheese” door wedge too.

Heather aka niftyknits October 21, 2013 - 12:33 pm

Ah – I’d been wondering where they were curated from, thank you for letting us know!

sianuska October 21, 2013 - 8:22 pm

hey! just spotted my ‘hot water bottle sighs’ print in the mix, thanks folksy folk! love the info about who chose what and why, will that be a regular feature? x x x x

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