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Weeknote #273

by Camilla

The best weeknotes are the ones that are written after the actual week has finished. That’s what my mother always told me. “Let your week fly by the seat of its pants, wait until you have forgotten what happened, then try to remember while the drips of the details slip through your memory like jam through a sieve, my dear,” she would say. But in Danish.

I should probably stop making up stories. First it was elves in store cupboards and now imaginary conversations with my mother. It was a really very busy week and I didn’t have time. Will you please forgive me?

From what I have pieced together, it was a week of at least three different to-do lists and a new-look gift-guide email (involving a mini-argument useful discussion in the office about Courier vs Arial, and the realisation that I had accidentally written ‘woolen’ (American) instead of ‘woollen’ in a headline read by over 62,000 people… ho hum). I also doodled these while people around me had important discussion about things like “on-ramp”, “acceptance tests” and “conflicting databases” …

…. which turned into these …

And I definitely remember sending off all your business dilemmas to Super Doug, and commissioning lots more interesting things for this blog, including more craft fair reviews and a new series on product photography.

Evidence seems to suggest it may also have involved eating Tunnocks caramel bars.

Emily will be writing the next weeknotes. So they are likely to be useful and interesting. And probably involve pumpkins. Exciting.



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Sinead Koehler November 3, 2013 - 10:22 pm

Those were very worthwhile doodles – really beautiful designs!

Camilla November 4, 2013 - 2:44 pm

Thanks Sinead! Doodles rule.

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