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Folksy Finds : week #44

by Camilla

On the Folksy front page, you’ll find a turquoise strip of loveliness called Favourite Finds. Each and every thing shown is something that somebody in the Folksy team loves. They’re hand-picked by us. There are 50 favourites in there, and if you press the twirly whirly ‘see more’ circle it will reveal them all.

These are the things we especially loved this week…

Doug Folksy
Articulating Fish by Jeff Soan
picked by Doug (webmaster and lover of a pretty walk)
“What could be more enigmatic than a fish? An articulating fish. What bathymetric mysteries has he contemplated with his calm, wooden eyes? He’ll never tell, because it’s apparently not that sort of articulation!”

Sian Hughes, Folksy
Oak and Terracotta Sketchbook by Bound
picked by Sian (the sun around which Folksy revolves – occasionally moonlights as the washing-up fairy)
“I have a weakness for sketchbooks, and this one is so beautiful I could cry. Susan also offers a refill service which means you could be using the same sketchbook for years!

Fair Isle Fingerless Gloves by Rhubarb and Crumble
picked by Emily (marketing goddess and the best thing to ever hit Portland – making our hearts ache with her absence)
“I have a huge stash of fingerless mittens, they’re great for keeping warm when you’re out with little kids who need their noses wiped, juice cartons opened and shoe laces tied. These beauties are on my wish list.”

Daisy Breakfast Bowl by Penny Spooner
picked by Jess (as nifty with a knitting needle as she is with a support query)
“I’m partial to a huge bowl of porridge in the morning, so I would love a pretty handmade bowl for the occasion. The colourful glazes on Penny’s are perfect!” 

Camilla Westergaard, Folksy
Thermos Brooch by Lou Taylor
picked by me, Camilla (doodler, tweeter, teller of tall tales)
“Because even the warmest of coats needs a flask of cocoa to keep it snug in the winter months.”



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