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Tips for a smooth transaction

by Sian

We get quite a lot of emails from buyers who are having various issues with their orders, particularly in the busy run-up to Christmas. Very often the root of the problem is a small detail that has been overlooked, which may seem trivial, but which can make the difference between you getting a sale and putting a buyer off returning to Folksy for good!


Are your listings buyable?

  • Answer all the questions a potential buyer may have in the item description. If there is any information missing, the buyer is likely to move on. What to include in a good product description.
  • Use great photos to show colour, material, texture, size, packaging, etc.
  • If you want to allow buyers from outside the UK to buy your products, add more postal destinations to your listings
  • If you want to offer discounted combined shipping for multiple items within an order, add additional postage rates to your listings. How additional postage works
  • Listings become unavailable when they are out of stock or if they expire (listings last for 120 days, which is around 4 months). Go to the ‘Manage listings’ section of your Dashboard to increase your stock or re-new expired listings.

You can edit your listings at any time by clicking on the ‘edit this item’ link on the right hand side of the listing page, or from the ‘Listings’ section of your Dashboard.

Can you receive payments?

Can you process orders?

  • Keep an eye on your stock levels. Don’t list more items than you have in-stock, unless you can make more within the postage timeframe specified in your listing!
  • Are you sure that you can you ship the item within the time specified in your listing? If not, change it!
  • Closed for the holidays or otherwise unable to process orders? Put your shop in holiday mode

Are you getting sales notifications & emails from buyers?

  • All emails are sent to your registered email address. Make sure your registered email address is correct and active. You can view and change your current email address from Dashboard > Your Profile > Change Password and Email. If you are unable to update this yourself (e.g. if you no longer have access to the account or if there is a typo in the address), please contact Support
  • Add robot@folksy.comnoreply@folksy.com and postie@folksy.com to your contacts to reduce the likelihood of our emails being marked as spam.
  • If you have not received an email from us that you were expecting, and if it is not in your spam folder, please contact Support.

Do you offer good customer service?

  • Be aware that all sales are covered by the Distance Selling Regulations and you must comply with them. These regulations include important details about returns.
  • Log into your Folksy account regularly as well as checking your emails for orders and enquiries, just in case you have missed a vital notification email.
  • Respond to your buyer’s questions in good time. Buyers usually expect a response within 48 hours, but ideally less. If you take too long, they may come to Support and ask us to chase you up, or cancel their order.
  • If you are away or unable to respond to emails, use an autoresponder on your email account if you have one.
  • Mark your orders as posted as soon as they are dispatched using the button on the orders page of your Dashboard. This sends an email to the buyer to let them know their item is on its way.
  • Include your email address and contact details on your invoice or other packaging material so the buyer can contact you quickly in case of any problems.

Protect yourself!

  • Know your rights and those of your buyers. The Distance Selling Hub is a great place to start. We also have loads of advice on the Folksy Knowledge Base.
  • If you need to speak to Folksy Admin about any concerns, please email use the Folksy Helpdesk or email us at support@folksy.co.uk

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Pouch November 22, 2013 - 7:59 pm

I think it’s easy to forget that new customers coming to Folksy can be a bit overwhelmed with the amount of detail on each sellers page…so it’s a good tip to put contact details in with any parcels you send out. I always include a business card with every order. I’m amazed at how many handmade sellers who don’t include a business card with an order…it’s one of the easiest ways for your customers to get in touch, you may miss out on repeat sales too!

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