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Folksy Finds : Week #48

by Camilla

The Favourite Finds section on the front page is a selection of our very favourite things. Every day we add more items that we’ve found from all across Folksy, and with between 50 and 100 items in there, hopefully you’ll find something that you love too. Here are some of the things the Folksy team especially loved this week…


Favourite Finds, clockwise from top left:

Sian Hughes, Folksy
Imaginary Woodland Bird Sculpture, £30, by Paperhare
picked by Sian (expert in 90s pop legend Shaggy)
“I just love this little bird – it’s so pretty!”

james three, Folksy
Grow Your Own Lino Print, £20, by Zebedee
picked by James 3 (Whose empty seat is staring longingly at us in the office)
“It was nice to see Zebedee’s stand at the Sheffield Print Fair last weekend. This ‘Grow Your Own’ print reminds me of more fruitful days on the allotment as the time comes to tidy up for the winter.”

White Diamond Enamel Ring, £70, by Elizabeth Anne Norris
picked by Emily (top-of-the-range afternoon crafter and marketing wonder)
“There is nothing about this ring that I don’t love. I’m hoping Father Christmas will pop it in my stocking this year…”

Handmade Mary Jane Shoes, £24.95 by Shoe Craft
picked by Jess (knitting hats, socks, bows and support solutions)
“I think I melted a little bit when I first saw these Mary Janes – they are so beautifully made.” 

Doug Folksy
Willow Onion Den, £800, by Wove
picked by Doug (who was once disappointed by an egg nogg cake)
“A dangerous item for me, this week. Not sure I’d come out again, once I was in. As relaxed as a wicker baby in its wicker womb. That’s two film sequel ideas for you, right there.”

Camilla Westergaard, Folksy
Rabbit Duffle Coat, £46 by Me and My Dress
picked by me, Camilla (intensely dislikes peanuts, but nevertheless appreciates the gesture of a Reese’s Cup)
“To be totally honest, although I utterly love this coat, picking it wasn’t actually my decision. It was my youngest daughter’s. She’s four, and apparently life would be so much better if lived inside a bunny coat.”


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