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Weeknotes #279

by Sian

Much excitement for me at the beginning of the week when I discovered that my car had grown fur! (It’s not fur, it’s frost)


We had a power cut at Folksy HQ on Wednesday morning, which slowed us down for a while. Mostly because we couldn’t get on to the internet, but also because we couldn’t make a pot of tea. Here’s a nice photo of our emergency light (and the interesting fire alarm wiring) that I took while deciding whether or not to go home.

power cut

Despite that small setback, there were still lots of tasks completed (YAY!).

completed tasks

You’ll be pleased to know that January is the time for fixing lots of those annoying little things that have been hanging around for a while, so we’ve been spending some time going through the backlog and picking off the ‘low hanging bugfruit’. To be clear, I’m going through the backlog and Doug is fixing stuff. It’s the perfect set-up though because he loves fixing things and I love giving him more stuff to do.

There’s far too much to list in full, but I went through the big bag of Post-its to pull out a selection of the fixes that you might find interesting:

  • ‘Stats weirdness’ (a million views one day vs zero views the next) was fixed. Good.
  • The annoying “you have 0 in 35 items expiring” emails should have stopped. Great.
  • We updated the copy on the login page so that unregistered buyers no longer have to decide whether they are ‘new’ or ‘returning’. Helpful.
  • The Featured Seller section of the front page now shows their most recently listed items first . Good.
  • The suggested shops that you see in ‘My Folksy’ if you have not yet favourited any shops now only shows shops that have at least one item in stock. Good.
  • Beta St into Unicorn. Good. Wait, what?

Beta St into Unicorn

We’ve also released a small new feature which allows sellers to mark orders as paid. This is really useful if your buyer has paid by cheque, cash or direct invoice, or if the Paypal IPN has failed (i.e. you have received payment but the order is still showing as ‘awaiting payment’ on Folksy). To do this, click on ‘View order detail’ alongside the unpaid order and click the ‘Mark order paid’ button which you should find towards the bottom of the page.

Next time: Disappointment ensues when I realise that James isn’t going to buy me a unicorn. Plus it’s Emily’s last week at Folksy :(

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Martha January 24, 2014 - 3:33 pm

Well done on the completion of those pesky tasks! I’m currently sat at my desk feeling a little overwhelmed by the length of my ‘to do’ list….perhaps i should invest in some brightly coloured post-it-notes like yours to boost motivation!
Good luck to Emily and her new ventures!
M from M&H x

Martha January 24, 2014 - 3:34 pm

*on her new ventures

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