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weeknotes #282

by Doug

Hello again, and first an apology – I was supposed to write the weeknotes for last week, but it’s been an incredibly busy week. Or it could be that James was away this week, and the Folksy worker bees* all abandoned the office and went to play out, instead. But no, we were busy. Because it was too cold to play out. Otherwise…

We released the Folksy widget early this week, which was nice. There’s a blog post about it here. There were a few teething issues and bugs around it that our rather excellent community quickly spotted and reported, so we were able to squish those pretty promptly.

The widget came from a Friday play session, which is a rather nice feature of being a developer with Folksy. Basically, unless there’s anything really pressing, Fridays can be used to test out and develop something that you think would be cool or useful. With me being a geek, these usually turn out to be something on the backend that users wouldn’t see, but I thought it was high time to put an experiment out, blinking, into the light of day. Naturally, that involved getting Rich on board to help make it palatable to sellers (my design skills are, um … well, they’re not really skills, as such), and he did a fantastic job there. So now we’ll see how that goes.

What’s this? Read on to find out…

We’ve also been pushing out some improvements that Rich has been making to the shopping cart, homepage and item pages, mostly around how they are viewed on mobile devices. It should be pretty interesting seeing what difference they make to buyers’ interactions with the site. Pretty interesting to some people, anyway. I mean, I’ll be pretty interested, so…

We had some issues this week. One that is ongoing is a problem some people with lots of items are having when it comes to reordering their shop. This is a database issue that we’re currently investigating with our database service, and we’ll be fixing it as soon as we can. And there was a site outage earlier today (while I was working on this very blog post, which is why it’s late, sorry Camilla!), to do with the search service we use. It was resolved very quickly and is only the second time we’ve had search-index related issues in about six months, so we’re very pleased with both the service we use and the level of support it receives.

The other main thing I’ve been working on this week is the integration of Folksy with the new forums we have planned. I’ve been getting to know the software, and working with the forum host to enable a single login from Folksy on there, and I have to say it’s all looking pretty good to me. I’m not sure yet when we’ll be able to release it, but I’m hopeful it will be pretty soon. It’s very exciting to see the forums, which are a key part of our community experience, finally getting the attention they deserve.

And, with delays to weeknotes and general busy-ness, I don’t believe we mentioned anything about the Folksy work do we went on a couple of weeks ago. We went to the West Yorkshire Print Workshop and had a brilliant day. I love working somewhere where we get field trips. I was just looking at our Flickr account to see if it was on there, but it isn’t, yet. Forgive us, we’ve been very, very busy. I might have mentioned that, already. There are a few pics on our Tumblr though, and here are a couple of pictures of the tea towels we made. But the best things were the t-shirts designed by Sian and Camilla. We might have plans for those, though, so tea towel pictures are all you get for now. :)

Ah! It was a screen to print tea towels. Of course!

Have top weekends, everybody!



* That doesn’t make James the queen bee. Please don’t call him that.

qbeeNot James

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