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weeknotes #283

by jamesthree

James III here. Hello again! Boy does it feel good to have my (handmade, crocheted) crafting hat back on. I hope you’ve been keeping well. Although warm and cosy, my crafting hat appears to also alter my brain to make me inordinately aware of craft-related things. Knitting and stitching drop-in anyone?


It’s been straight back to the grindstone this week. By popular demand we’ve changed the way we show lists of products in categories to show a single page at a time. This should allow you to keep track of where you are within the pages and easily flick back to browsing more lovely things after you’ve viewed an item. Another area we’re looking at is making better use of favouriting on Folksy – both to let you keep track of the things you love and to show you things that you don’t know you love (yet). The first phase of this work will be making it easier to favourite items and also easier to view your favourites. We can then use this as a base to build a stronger community for Folksy sellers and Folksy buyers. We’re keeping the next phases under wraps at the moment but we’ll keep you posted.

Something else on the cards is giving some much-needed attention to ‘search’ over the coming weeks. Our aim is to return more relevant results to the user and to reduce the time taken to find the items they want to buy. Some of these changes will happen behind the scenes and some will be changes to how people interact with the results. Obviously we’d love everyone to be at the top of the search results but we can’t promise that! We’re also testing out a few other tweaks to the site. This might mean that some of you see slightly different designs from others. We can use these differences to track which things do well and bring you a better Folksy. So don’t worry if you can’t see something that someone else can: it’s all in the name of science… or mathematics.

Most importantly (and in the absence of anyone to defend the title), I’ve bumped myself up to James II. By the time you next hear from me I hope to have ascended to James I. Maybe even James 0 if I’m feeling particularly ambitious. Watch this space.

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Abi Simmons March 21, 2014 - 6:09 pm

All sounds very exciting James II

Heather and Gary March 21, 2014 - 7:09 pm

Great to here news regarding searches, looking forward to any improvements.

Hope you are getting all the knitters here to knit you a crown for your Coronation James!
(Am picturing fake ermine in some fluffy yarn!)

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