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Shop Talk : The Love Paper Co.

by Camilla

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Scottish Graphic designer Stacey runs wedding stationery and paper goods company Love Paper Co in her spare time. We caught up with Stacey, and found out more about her business and her tips for staying organised…

When did you start Love Paper Co, and what kind of things did you consider before setting up your Folksy shop?
I started selling online at the very end of 2011 and had my first big sale in January 2012 all the way from California! I initially sold invites only to gauge the interest in my style and designs, and then moved on to all the other typical wedding items. I tried to have a good mix of designs on offer in the hope that there was something for a variety of tastes.

Do you think your background as a graphic designers has helped you with your business?
Yes, definitely I don’t think you can teach creativity – you either are or you aren’t! I have been in the industry for over 10 years and know the creative process inside out, which has been a big help. Beautiful paper and stunning typography are the two things I love most, so becoming a stationery designer was perfect for me.

save the date card, wedding stationery, folksy, love paper, love heart
Save the Date Card, £2 each, by The Love Paper Co.

Do you work on Love Paper Co full time?
No, I work full time at a local design agency. I handle Love Paper Co. in the evenings and weekends and the odd lunch hour!

How do you sell your work?
At the moment I only sell online but I plan to start exhibiting at local wedding fairs and would like to set up my own website too further down the line.

How do you calculate your prices?
I factor in a combination of the cost of materials, the finishing time and also what I think each product is worth overall. I do give discounts on larger orders (over 100 invites etc) and also to repeat buyers.

Do you take your own photographs, and do you think having good product shots has been important to your shop?
I take all my own product photography and I think it’s really important to have images that not only stand out but that also show off your products well and clearly. I’m always on the lookout for additional little props for styling, and I’m currently working through a photography course as I want to improve my images this year.

wedding stationery, invitations, love paper co
Beau and Arrow Wedding Range

What channels do you use to promote your work? And which do you think work best?
At the moment I don’t do any promotion because I’m already getting enough work for the hours I can dedicate to Love Paper Co. I’m a big advocate of social media though, and if I ever go full time with the business I would start to use twitter, Instagram and Facebook. But I would also advertise in some wedding magazines too as I feel that we need to support the print industry.

To run Love Paper Co alongside your job, you must be very organised! Have you got any tips for good time management?
Lists! I have them in notebooks, my iPhone and little stickies all around my desk at home. I use Evernote to keep a track of all my current orders and this seems to work well for me because I can access it at home and also on my phone, so it’s always with me.

Love Paper Co interview

Is there anything you’ve learned along the way that you wish you’d known when you started your shop?
Looking back, I would have done a bit more research into suppliers before I started.

Have you got any tips for other makers?
Don’t be afraid to try things. I have tried and tested various designs – some sell really well, others that I thought were great haven’t sold at all. It’s all trial and error and I had fun creating the designs either way.


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