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Different views for different people

by James

As websites and services like Folksy grow, you become aware of the different needs of different people you serve. One size does not fit all. A key difference exists around people new to Folksy and people who are returning (new versus return visitors). New people coming to use Folksy account for 73% of all people visiting. That’s almost 3 out of 4 people who have not – as far as we can measure – visited before (although it is likely to be slightly less than that due to the way in which Google measures ‘users’).

From user testing that we did last month among people who had not seen Folksy before, we discovered the following:

  1. People new to Folksy need to have clearer signposting about where to start exploring – the existing designs provide too many possibilities.
  2. It needs to be more obvious what Folksy is about: the direct relationship with designer-makers and artisans didn’t come across well enough and, when people did understand this, it helped to convert them to the site.

So the needs of new visitors are different from returning visitors. People who are returning are better served by what we already provide: they know what Folksy is and the ways of exploring the site are generally well understood, although we know there’s always room for improvement.


Where to focus the changes

Most new users coming to Folksy land on product pages; the second most popular landing page for new users is the homepage, and then subcategory pages and section pages. Product pages are hugely important to a user’s first experience, but the homepage is something we are able to change more easily.

So we’re going to be releasing some new views on Folksy that aim to provide people who are new to Folksy with a better experience to get started, and help to convert them into returning customers. This ongoing piece of work will see changes to the homepage come first, with a simplified version of the homepage being shown to logged-out users. The release is due to take place during the week of the 15 September and we’ll be reviewing how the changes affect user journeys and conversion.

Featured image: Literature Mini Prints by Cassia Beck

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