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Hannah Bullivant’s Christmas Wishlist

by Lou Archell

Hannah Bullivant is a super-talented writer and stylist, and one half of Seeds and Stitches, a blog about living creatively within the seasons, family adventures, life and craft. We just knew she would be the perfect person to share with us a more ethical side of Christmas, so we asked Hannah to choose her favourite pieces made by Folksy designers and makers, and create a pin board.Her beautiful board is a mix of natural festive decorations, ethical finds and brilliant Folksy gifts, we know you will love it as much as we do…   

Can you talk us through your top picks from Folksy, what do you love about them and why, who would you buy these for?
This year we have agreed with most of our friends and all of the adults in our respective families that we are not buying each other presents. That’s saved a huge amount of time, money and most of all, stress! So I was free to pick things out that simply took my fancy. Lucky me!

  1. Stoneware Mugs by Camden Pottery – I’m in love with these and would love a whole set for our new kitchen.
  2. Wooden Peg Family by Lana Dolls – These Steiner inspired wooden peg dolls have my daughter’s name all over them.
  3. Child’s Pom Pom Hat by Wild Honey Pie Boutique – As does this adorable bobble hat.
  4. Chunky Pom Pom Hat by Miss Knit Nat – If she gets a new bobble hat, then it’s only fair that I get one too, right? (What can I say, I have a weird matchy thing going on with her – an urge I can’t deny)
  5. Camping Tripod by Arrowsmith Forge – Both me and my husband would love this fire tripod. It would be perfect for our camping trips (although I slightly object to the tagging focussing only on the blokes, I can kindle a camp fire as good as any bloke, thank you very much!)
  6. Organic Lavender Pillow by Beetroot Press – Lastly, I am head over heels for these lavender bags, designed to nestle under your pillow and scent your dreams with lavender. They would make great gifts for anyone and all materials is organic and ethical.

On your blog you actively promote an ethical way of living, how do you manage to maintain this at Christmas time?
One of the ways we have an ethical Christmas is to set up agreements to simply buy fewer presents. When we do buy, we buy good quality items that will last, from ethical designer makers (that why I love Folksy!) We have boycotted Amazon this year having learned about the extent of their tax evading, union busting, small-business killing antics. We use recycled fabric or paper wrapping, and giving donations to our local food bank too.

What’s your favourite family Christmas tradition?
We are slowly building lots of family traditions as our daughter is only two, but so far we have really enjoyed celebrating winter with her – reading about Jack Frost, talking about winter trees and foraging for branches in the woods to make wreathes. We had a festive craft morning with friends and toddlers this year, which was also really enjoyable and something I hope we repeat in years to come.

What do you love to make at Christmas? 
I love making gifts at Christmas (as long as I don’t have too many to make!). I’m making some rainbow silk skirts and capes this year, which I can’t wait to get started on (better get my skates on!). I also love wrapping – finding old bits of fabric and paper in my stash to create beautiful parcels. Oh and Christmas biscuits too! In fact, I love any type of Christmas making!

Thank you Hannah! It has been an absolute pleasure to have you guest pin for us this Christmas!
Take a look at Hannah’s board over here >>


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Our final Folksy Christmas Guest Pinner is me, Lou Archell! You can follow my festive pins and makes here >>

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