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Chris Hagan, proud archivist, Haggerston,

Best of the Best exhibition

by Camilla

Follow the Regent’s Canal through east London, and you’ll find a lovely little place called The Proud Archivist. Intended to echo, emulate and revive the traditions of London’s grand 17th and 18th-century coffee houses, The Proud Archivist is part gallery, part coffee house, part restaurant and part reading room.

We want to reflect and represent the interests and passions of the people who make up our area… to be a home of conversation, conviviality and stimulation.

As part of this, The Proud Archivist runs a programme of exhibitions showcasing the most interesting art around, and their current exhibition celebrates the most popular, fun and exciting pieces of work from the past year. It’s called ‘Best of the Best’ and features affordable prints from some of the UK’s  finest artists, designers, photographers and illustrators.

And what ‘best of the best’ exhibition would be complete without the work of some wonderful Folksy printmakers, illustrators and photographers? So on the walls of this show, you’ll find work by Barry D Bulsara, Cassia Beck, Chris Hagan, Dee Beale, hello DODO, Jimbob Art, Mandy Hills and Woah There Pickle. There are open-edition prints, limited-edition prints, photographic prints, hand-pulled screen-prints, gocco prints, lino-cut prints – prints of all sorts, shapes and sizes.

We sent photographer Yeshen Venema along to document the show…

(Featured image: Chris Hagan standing by his Above the Old Town print)

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best of best exhibition, proud archivist,


Best of the Best Exhibition
At The Proud Archivist,
2-10 Hertford Road,
London, N1 5ET
Tel: 020 7749 6852

Runs until 21st January
Open 8.00am- 10.30am *

*although it’s worth calling ahead to check there are no events on that might limit access.

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