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Folksy announces drone delivery programme

by Camilla

At Folksy we have been working with the Yorkshire Institute for Advanced Aviation in Barnsley (YIfAA) on a pilot drone delivery programme that we believe will revolutionise the retail market. With the aim of positioning ourselves firmly in the race to be the first retailer to offer an unmanned delivery service, we have developed a pioneering distribution system that harnesses the latest drone technology.

“We’re focused on making customers as happy as possible,” explains James Boardwell, Folksy CEO and drone visionary. “Our aim is to bring a product from the hands of the maker to the hands of the customer at lightning speed. We still have some massive, massive issues to deal with and big challenges ahead of us, not least in compliance and regulation, but we feel we’ve made the first steps towards a new distribution system that will truly revolutionise the retail market.”

See our pioneering technology in action in this short film >>

The Folksy Drone Project from Folksy on Vimeo.

If you have any thoughts or concerns about how this latest development in aviation technology could affect you, let us know.

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