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Running Fox bracelet

Fox Poems – which one is your favourite?

by Sian

We loved this Running Fox bangle by Dragonfly Lane so much that we thought it should have its own poem. Our Facebook community did not disappoint! Read, digest and vote for your favourite fox poem here and the most popular poem will win a Folksy notebook.

  1. Harri Tenney
    Watch the fox gallop the silver line,
    He is not yours he is not mine,
    A wild beast to freely roam,
    On your wrist he finds his home
  2. Claire Read
    Who is the vixen that deserves this charm,
    a golden fox upon your arm,
    chasing tails all copper clad,
    this little beauty I wish I had !!!
  3. Mary Anderson
    ‘Twas Autumn and the trees ablaze,
    With colours rust and brown,
    The fox asleep in bracken snug,
    Lived just outside the town.
    No baying hounds, no braying men
    On horseback sought him there
    Old Reynard free from such as these
    Slept soundly without care.
    A passing artist spied him and
    The russet blaze espied
    “A copper fox! A copper fox!” excitedly she cried.
    The fox was startled and soon fled
    His image , though, was captured,
    In copper tones, around her wrist,
    Its wearer quite enraptured.
  4. Judith Hamilton
    Copper coloured fur, burnished by the sun,
    The horses, hounds and men blur into one,
    As wiley foxy to the river runs,
    And undetected hides until they’ve gone.
  5. Samantha Stanley
    His copper eye passed over me,
    Suggesting criminality,
    But lost within a moment’s span
    That foxy whiskered Gentleman.
  6. Katrina Fisher
    Forever in a circle of silver,
    You and me entwining,
    I hold you close, adore you more,
    On a grey day you’re my silver lining.
  7. Kath Drew
    Copper Fox on the run, is it food or is it fun?
    Nightly searching far and wide, head and body full of pride.
    Nocturnal hunting almost done, home before the morning sun.
  8. Truuske Odde (Limerick)
    There once was a dog fox called Topper
    Who was made entirely from copper
    He lived on a bangle
    And tried hard to wangle
    Himself off, but came off a cropper!
  9. Truuske Odde (Haiku)
    Copper glint on fur
    Pointed ears pricked with intent
    He flits by moonlight
  10. Debra Camp
    The copper fox trots… round and round, outward bound, food his daily quest…
    Home, home again, goes to ground, aah… blessed rest!
  11. Katie Clinton
    The copper fox trots around eternity
    Seeking solace, seeking love,
    Seeking you or me.
  12. Sallyann Clarke 
    Beautiful copper fox I’d love to have you in my treasure box
  13. Nicky Thomas
    Sly little fox why are you here?
    Oh you have come from chasing baby deer?
    Now you sit gently upon my arm,
    you have left the baby deer alone on the farm.
    Sly little fox stay with me,
    a pretty little trinket forever you’ll be.
  14. Hill Alison
    round and round reynard goes,
    from his pointy nose to his tippy toes,
    where he goes nobody knows!
  15. Cara Gee 
    I opened up the jewellery box, and found a charming copper fox,
    his body sleek, his eyes were sly,
    He glinted in the evening sky.
    I then simply could not resist
    To slide him gently on my wrist
    I held my hand up in the air
    Admiring his wily stare
    The door then opened just a crack
    Reluctantly, I put him back

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Samantha Stanley April 2, 2015 - 5:16 pm

I really enjoyed this competition-are you going to do it again? :D (Toothy Smile) If you are, can we submit our poems on the blog, because I couldn’t get the form right on Facebook. FB kept correcting my lines and bunching them up and I couldn’t seem to just tab across without it thinking I was adding a photo-What?) Love Sam x

Claire Davis April 3, 2015 - 9:01 am

Thank you so much for doing this Folksy! I was thrilled that people would write such nice things about my work – and how beautiful are some of the poems? I’ve completely sold out of fox bangles now, thanks everyone! I’m hoping to get some more made next week when I’ve caught up on other orders, if anybody would like to pre order one they can contact me via my shop :)

Camilla April 8, 2015 - 11:16 am

Thanks for all your votes! The poll is now closed and the winner of your favourite foxy poem is Samantha Stanley! HUGE congratulations Samantha, a Folksy notebook will be winging its way to you soon.

Samantha Stanley April 8, 2015 - 11:39 pm

Hi everybody-I’m made up to have won this comp! Thanks to everyone who voted for my poem and thanks to Folksy for hosting-looking forward to the next one

Samantha Stanley April 8, 2015 - 11:45 pm

Hi everyone – I am really made up to have won this competition. Thanks to everyone who voted for me and to Folksy for hosting it. Looking forward to the next one

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