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What happened in March and what we’re doing in April

by James

Last month we started to document the headline tasks for the upcoming month and what we’d done in the past month. A month feels like a long period and it might be better to do these weekly, what do you think? For now we’ll continue with a round up of what happened and what’s upcoming.

Last Month

What did we do compared to what we said we were going to do?

  1. We’re having a review of the service, to see how we can improve the way folksy.com is seen, especially by people searching on Google (we follow best practice in SEO but wanted to have a review of what we could be doing that may have a positive impact). We have completed this work and have broken down the improvements into tasks to work on this month.
  2.  Tom Stafford is working with me on analytics and data (he’s spending the next 2-3 months as our Data Scientist in Residence) and he’s going to be blogging about some of the things the data tells us about how people shop on Folksy. Tom blogged about the his initial work on time spent *looking* at items.
  3. We’re going to start work on bringing tags / keywords back into Folksy. If you have a long memory you might remember that we stopped using tags back in 2012 as they were becoming unwieldy to manage and maintain. But they were popular and we know they can help support browsing around Folksy and now we have a strategy to make it relatively easy to maintain them. It’s a small thing but we’re really excited by it. This task has been blocked by improvements to the homepage re-work and improving flow into the items on Folksy. It is planned for April. 
  4. Planning a way to help groups within Folksy self-organise (teams / groups are something we’re really keen to support). This may bleed into April, but the process will start this month. We have been liaising with the Discourse team and we believe we have a way to allow people to moderate groups and allow access to private / closed topics on the forum.  This means if you run an event with Folksy makers and artists or a local group of Folksy sellers you could have a space for discussion on the forum. More on this soon…
  5. Camilla is undertaking a workshop on events – to help us work out how we can support sellers in their offline activity and what should follow the successful Folksy Summer School and Folksy Workshops. Camilla consulted with a range of people and we are drawing up a plan for events in 2015/16, including an exciting collaboration project…

Camilla and Sian have also been running #FolksyHour on Twitter (which happens every Tuesday at 8pm UK time) and it’s proved to be a great success. We also worked on moving the homepage from the alpha to beta app, allowing us to improve the user experience on Folksy and integrating favourite sellers into the browsing experience. This work will be released early next week. Other work has included liaising with the government UKTI body about some initiatives to increase the exposure of Folksy abroad and using experts to help grow the business.

Oh and we piloted an amazing project at the intersection of technology and retail with the Yorkshire Institute for Advanced Aviation.

This month

april blog post board

So that was last month, what are the headline tasks for April?

  1. Release of the homepage work, including improved personalisation My Folksy
  2. Scoping out transactional emails based on new items from favourite sellers
  3. Starting of the SEO Improvement Plan work (we’re using Improvement Plans as a way to organise themes of work after reading Roo’s post on the gov.uk blog) to improve the way Folksy pages/documents are seen by Google.
  4. Starting the integration of tags in the listing process
  5. Further trial of paid advertising on Google Shopping (Product Listing Ads)
  6. Trial of private forum group
  7. Plan events for 2015 (and into 2016) and talking to potential partners

If you have any comments or questions then ask us on the forum.


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Stuart Brown April 8, 2015 - 5:59 pm

Some really positive points there. As a relative newbie seller on Folksy it’s great to find out you are actively looking at ways to develop things. Keep up the good work

Shaz April 14, 2015 - 10:47 am

I’m new to Folksy – joined last week.
The plans sound very promising – I look forward to the keywords and tags.
Excited about joining #FolksyHour tonight

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