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Carol Lucas studio, New Home card

Updates to the homepage journey and losing Pinterest boards

by James

This week we’re making some improvements to the homepage (signed-in user and ‘anonymous’ user) as part of migrating Folksy over to a newer code base. As part of this move we’ve made some changes to what you see. The changes are based on user research and also data, for example:

  • Some elements of the homepage perform poorly relative to others (eg. Pinterest boards are used far less than other sections of the signed-in homepage, and convert into fewer purchases)
  • The logged-out / anonymous homepage is one of the key pages Google indexes and as such it’s important for us to drive to key pages and sections from there, so they are indexed quickly
  • Editorially driven content tends to provide better conversion (favourite finds, gift guides etc), however, we want to balance this with dynamic content that changes frequently to drive returning visits and get the homepage working better as a funnel
  • Personalised content has worked well in user tests and we want to see how that performs when pulled into homepage views – currently this is buried as “MyFolksy” (which shows items you love, sellers you have favourited and new items from sellers you have favourited)

So what is changing?

The signed-out / anonymous homepage will include more content: recently listed items, gift guides and the featured seller, as well as the email sign-up. It will provide more options for users to browse.

The signed-in homepage (which most people reading this will be familiar with) will continue with the ‘smorgasboard’ (a collection of events such as recently listed, recently favourited, being bought now, favourite finds and gift guide items) and the featured seller, but will now also include a selection of recently listed items and links to gift guides (in mobile view you will see slightly fewer elements).

What you won’t see is the items from Pinterest boards, and I want to explain why.

  1. We don’t receive enough boards on a daily basis, despite them being displayed on the homepage and linking through to the shop of the seller who curated it
  2. They don’t convert as well as other sections of the page

However, we know that having ways to showcase your creativity on Folksy is something that is appreciated. We want to find better ways to do this, so we want you to suggest ways we could use Pinterest (or other platforms) to help showcase work. What do you think we should do? We want to hear your ideas, so we’ve started a thread in the Folksy forum where you can tell us your suggestions.

Do also let us know what you think of the homepage changes. We’ll be tracking the effectiveness of the work – as always – to ensure we’re doing all we can to increase conversion and create a better user experience for people coming to Folksy.

(Featured image: New Home Card by Carol Lucas Studio)



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