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retro red robot, Roboshed

May 2015: what we’ve done and what we are doing

by James

Hello. Summer is streaming through the window, BBC 6 Music is reminding us that 1995 was a very good year for dancing (and in the process making me feel like a dinosaur) and Wife of Brian’s pigtail wig is making me smile; it’s a good day. So last month we worked on the following:

Excited about this as it marks out our thinking through new ways to help makers promote and sell their work.

  • Added recently listed on index pages

To increase the frequency with which Google indexes product pages and help your work be seen more quickly in search.

  • Start testing Google Product Listing Ads (PLAs)

Early days. As of today Google has approved all the products we are trialling with (we chose a mix of shops from each category). We estimate we will complete the trial in early / mid June and assess the sustainability of using PLAs then.

  • Research viability of private group forums

Having liaised with the Discourse team (who provide our forum) we are currently unable to provide private, team-based forums. However, we expect this to change in the medium term as one strand of their ongoing work involves giving moderators the ability to create add and remove users from individual categories.

  • Developed tags database to start collecting

This is complete and we’re now in the process of developing site search to incorporate tags. We expect the work to be released in the next week and we’ll let you know via the blog. The only place you’ll initially see the tags work is when listing a product for sale as it will take a few months before sufficient listings will have tags to enable them to be used as ways to navigate on Folksy.

  • Other stuff: interview with CraftBusiness magazine; Doug’s Sekrit Friday Project is technically complete and just needs front-end design work before we trial it

What we haven’t done that we planned to is scope out the transactional emails based on activity (e.g. “your item is now in a gift guide”; “your item have been favourited by x”; “your shop has been favourited by y”. It’s still on the roadmap and we’re hoping to move on to this soon.

What’s coming up:

  • Improve mobile user experience, in particular the menu visibility
  • Improve the section page (top-level category) user experience (goal: increase landing page traffic and also conversion)
  • Add Google+ to the login options
  • Implement different Google Analytics code to allow us better customer segmentation
  • Recruit maternity cover for Support
  • Clean up each of the key pages on Folksy.com to comply with schema.org (how pages are viewed by Google)

Fire any questions or comments to me on the forum!

Thanks, James.

(Featured image: Retro Red Robot by Roboshed)

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Heather and Gary May 11, 2015 - 4:04 pm

Ooh…do tell. who’s to be the Mummy… or Daddy?!

Peony and Thistle May 20, 2015 - 12:02 pm

Good news that there will now be tags! I was just wondering if the tags have to be only one word or if they can be several words long? I’d like to start tagging my items but don’t want to do it all wrong! Or should I wait for further advice from you about how best to tag?


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