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Selling Craft Online: How to take better photographs

How to take better product shots

Do you ever feel like your handmade products are being ignored on the internet? Have you had great success at a craft fair, where people pick up, feel and touch your crafts, but online you just don’t sell? Good product shots play a major part in what sells online. Great photos are much more likely to get seen, shared and lead to sales!

In this post we share some of the basics, and at the end you’ll find lots of links to our huge archive of advice on how to take great photographs of craft, art, supplies and handmade work. We have a wealth of extremely useful and practical advice to help you with your product photography.


Fact: Great photographs sell craft on the Internet

The best sellers here on Folksy all take great photographs. No matter how amazing you are, how talented, how unique, how much attention to the smallest detail, if you don’t have great photos how will anybody know? Great product shots not only grab people’s attention, they give a buyer confidence in you and your product and they get your products shared.

Your photographs can make the difference between a sale and a scroll.

If you have a rubbish photo of your handmade product, a potential customer might just scroll past it without even a second glance. Or maybe they found your product in a Google search and they click the link only to click away immediately when they see a poor picture of the product. Your handmade product may have been exactly what they wanted but you just didn’t have good enough pictures to show it off.

How to create better product shots, product photography tips, ginger pickle, camera hair clips,

Camera Hair Clips by Ginger Pickle


Review your product shots

You can make the most wonderful handmade product or list the most useful craft supplies but if your photos are dull, out of of focus or just a little bit boring, then your customer may decide to buy from someone else.

Take a good look at your images, do they look professional? Do they catch your eye? Is it clear what you’re selling? Would you click on it? Compare them with similar items available. Be honest with yourself. If you’re not sure, then ask friends. Or if you sell here on Folksy, ask other sellers in our helpful forums. The forum is a free and friendly resource for all of our sellers to get helpful feedback on all aspects of their shop. Come and say hello and let us help you with taking better photographs of your crafts.

product photography critique

You can submit your photos for review in this Folksy forum thread and our community will offer their feedback and advice!

Learn how to improve your product photography

You really don’t need a huge SLR Camera to take decent product shots – most smart phones are perfectly adequate for taking good photographs of your work and they keep getting better! You’ll find an easy-to-follow tutorial on how to take great product shots on your phone here > How to take product shots on your phone

We want to help you learn how to take better photographs of your crafts. It’s not just about the technical details of lighting and focus but also creating a brand identity for your online craft shop through your images. It takes time and effort but once you work out the formula for successfully photographing your own crafts, it will not take you as long and you will sell more!

We have loads of blog posts with advice on taking good photos. Have a look at all the links below and find the articles that are most relevant to you and your work. If you would like any more help on specific aspects of photography, leave a comment at the end of the post and we will do our best to help.


The Folksy Archive of Craft Photography Tips

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how to take better photographs of craft, love spoons, product photography tips,

Do you have any tips for people taking photographs of their crafts? Leave us a comment or join the conversation over on the Folksy Forums.  Please share or bookmark this post if you have found it useful!

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