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What we did in May at Folksy HQ and what’s coming up in June

by James


Hello! So, May went quick. This is what we’ve been doing at Folksy HQ:

  1. Partnerships: the Lucky Dip Club x Folksy Box went live, brought down the site and sold out in minutes. Did you manage to get one? If you did you can share it on the #LDCFolksy tag. We also just launched a special deal with SumUp that gives Folksy sellers a great discount on the card readers (especially good news if you sell your work at craft fairs).
  2. Improved mobile views on section pages – this work is ongoing.
  3. Sekrit project shortly to go into beta which will hopefully prove to be a great way to showcase talent and drive customers. More on this soon after we’ve completed the design work.
  4. Improved the metadata (via schema.org) on the key buying pages on Folksy so they can be more easily read and indexed by Google. The key debate here was whether to include tags around navigational elements or not – the jury is out on this (we have not done it).
  5. We fixed a range of bugs this month to, from issues with adding a new address in the cart to getting the page views data working again (from the stats page in the dashboard).
  6. We welcomed (back!) Hilary Pullen to the team. Hilary is an experienced community manager and has also worked for Folksy in the past (you may remember her if you’ve been selling on Folksy for a while). Hilary is working on new ways we can reach out to buyers and support all of our shop owners in getting their work discovered. You can say hello to her here >

What we are working on:

  1. The Google PLA trial is still ongoing. This has been more involved than we expected – Google product listing ads are not set up for marketplaces. We are currently completing an API to create Google accounts for each of the thousands of shops on Folksy to comply with Google’s platform and enable us to roll out a full trial.
  2. Google + login is on our roadmap for June together with an improved email signup on login.
  3. Improved email management, including better segmentation based on frequency of emails received (so you can choose how often you want them).

On another note (akin to the “and finally” item on a news show), I really like how Oh Sweet Bag of Mine has photographed her work:

Really interesting product photography

That’s it. As ever, please do feedback via the forum on this thread >

[Featured image: Bugs & Beetles Screen Print by Tournesol Prints]


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