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More Folksy designers and crafters in their studios

by Camilla

Over the past few months we’ve been collecting images of designers’ studios for the Folksy front page. We love seeing the places where craft is made, and as India Hobson discovered when she shot our Revealing Craft project, this isn’t always huge light-filled studios – it’s just as likely to be a corner of the dining room table or a sofa stuffed with balls of yarn.

I love seeing behind the scenes, and rather than dispel the magic it only strengthens the value of what’s being produced because I then know exactly how much of someone goes into making it – India Hobson

We released our first set of letterbox-shaped glimpses into the workspaces of our designers and makers this Spring, and now here is our second set. Keep an eye out to see which ones you spot as banners on the Folksy homepage – and if have a Folksy shop, send us a photograph of your workspace (details at the end of the post). You can find more Folksy studios on our Instagram feed and on the #studiofolksy hashtag.

Rachel Sim

Rachel Sim


small print company

The Smallprint Company


claire gent  design

Claire Gent Design





joanna wakefield

Joanna Wakefield


alma caira

Alma Caira






trudi murray

Trudi Murray


squirrel and tiffin

Squirrel and Tiffin


washed and found jewellery

Washed and Found



Little Wren Pottery


Parchment and Purl by J Hill

Parchment and Purl


kates korner

Kate’s Korner


lisa watson quilts

Quilts by Lisa Watson



more tea vicar

More Tea Vicar


house of clouds

House of Clouds


bread and jam

Bread and Jam


boo bear bean

Boo Bear Bean


annabel perrin

Annabel Perrin


ladybird likes

Ladybird Likes


So Sew Megan

So Sew Megan


winter house jewellery

Winter House Jewellery


If you want to see your studio here and on the Folksy front page, email a photograph of your workspace to community@folksy.co.uk along with your Folksy shop name. The photographs need to measure 1440 pixels wide x 440 pixels high and be at least 144dpi. We’re looking for beautiful, in-focus shots, ideally showing you in your studio. (Tips: try to avoid shooting in artificial lighting or very bright natural light, and use a tripod if you can to get a nice, clear, well-lit shot.) We’re really looking forward to seeing and sharing more glimpses into the working life of Britain’s crafters.


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