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blue moon

Folksy Friday – Blue Moon

by Hilary Pullen


Blue Moon

If you’re lucky enough to have a clear night tonight, it’s worth stepping out and taking a look at the Moon – because tonight there is a ‘Blue Moon’.

A Blue Moon is the second full moon in one month. We had our first full moon this month on the 2nd July. Blue Moons don’t happen very often, but they aren’t as rare as the phrase ‘once in a blue moon’ would suggest. They actually occur every 2 to 3 years. The next Blue Moon will be in 2018!

Tonight the moon won’t actually be blue though, so why is it called a Blue Moon? It’s one of those words that has changed over time – it should in fact be called a ‘belewe moon’, meaning a betraying moon. It’s rather complex, but if you want to impress your friends this evening with your lunar knowledge read this explanation here.

Handmade Lunar Gifts

To celebrate the Blue Moon we have selected some beautiful moon themed items from our talented designers and makers – if you want to know more just click through to their shops and have a look around.

moonstone ring
Moonstone Ring – Becky Pearce Designs

Talking to the Moon – Print by Twinkle & Gloom

surface of the moon necklace
The Surface of the Moon Necklace – Maria Alicia Jewellery

blue moon print
Blue Moon Giclee Print by Fizz Studio

moon and hare ring copper and silver
Moon and Hare Ring – Them Silver Seas Jewellery

Blue Moon earrings
Blue Moon earrings by Ruby Spirit Designs

Support UK designers by buying British – Folksy is an online market place based in Sheffield – our goal is to support artists, designers and makers in the UK by providing a platform for them to sell their work.

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