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Our favourite pretty Pumpkins

by Camilla

10 Pretty Pumpkins

Pumpkins don’t have to be ghoulish and ghastly, they can be pretty too. In fact, we’re here to tell you that pretty pumpkins are having a moment. So if your idea of a fun evening is covering a root vegetable in glitter, put away the carving knife, take inspiration from our 10 favourite pumpkins on the interwebs, and pretty up a pumpkin!

Posca Pen Pumpkin

Posca Pen Pumpkin

Super, super simple. Just get yourself a Posca pen in any colour you fancy and start playing with patterns on your pumpkin. Our pumpkin has leaf motifs scribbled in gold and white. Posca pens work on almost any surface so if you want to add a bit more spook to your Halloween, you could even draw a ghostie on your window – they sort of scratch / wipe off if you don’t want your ghostly visitor to stay all year round.


Glitter and Floral Pumpkins

These pumpkins by Amy of Homey Oh My use a staple techniques in any crafter’s repertoire: decoupage. For her floral pumpkin, Amy used wrapping paper from the fabulous Rifle Paper Co designed by Anna Bond (there’s a list of UK stockists here). You can find the full tutorial on The Style House by PB Teen blog. I love her stripy glittery pumpkins too. Any excuse for a bit of glitter, especially if it comes accompanied by a stripe.


Gold-leaf Pumpkins

If you’ve always wondered how to gold leaf a pumpkin, Olivia on the JuleP blog has the answer. Apparently it’s easier than you might think (which will be a relief for anyone who has spent nights worrying about the difficulty level of pumpkin gilding). All you need is some gold leaf, some glue, a pumpkin and ta da! One very luxe pumpkin and one super glam Autumn table.


String Art Pumpkin

Anyone who had a Spirograph as a child will be easily seduced by this string art pumpkin. It’s the creation of Chelsea from Lovely Indeed (and is slightly reminiscent of Alison McIntyre’s thread art too). To turn your pumpkin into a pretty pin cushion, you’ll need nails, a hammer, some embroidery thread, and Chelsea’s tutorial. Just don’t hit it too hard.

Owl Sharpie Pumpkins

Sharpie Owl Pumpkins

These pumpkins are inspired by Mexican sugar skulls, and drawn on styrofoam pumpkins by Ashley Hackshaw aka Lil Blue Boo with the humble Sharpie pen. You could do the same on a white pumpkins or spray the whole pumpkin white first. If you need some pointers on how to draw an owl, I’d recommend this book, How to Draw a Tree, by the brilliant British illustrator Eloise Renouf – which has tips on how to draw owls as well as lots of other nifty things from nature.


Office Supplies Pumpkin

At a loose end in the office? What better way to spend Autumn lunch breaks than by sticking brads into a pumpkin? It’s the crafter’s equivalent of a stress ball. (If you’re wondering what a brad is, it’s the two-pronged metal thing you stick through punched holes to hold paper together, or the thing that makes other things twirl round when you do papercraft.) You could use multi-coloured brads to go for a confetti pumpkin look, or be a purist and stick to gold. Victoria on A Subtle Revelry will show you how.

PS. Fred Aldous have a good range of brads and if you’re a Folksy seller you can get 25% off your first order and 10% off for life (here’s how).


Paper Leaf Pumpkin

This papercraft pumpkin by Melissa on PolkaDotChair was decorated with leaves left over from an Autumnal wreath, but surely deserves its own time in the spotlight. It’s made with patterned papers cut into different leaf shapes, edged with gold glitter glue (hurray for glitter glue!) and then arranged so they tumble down the side of the pumpkin, 1980s side-ponytail style. Find the full pumpkin tutorial and its wreath companion here.


Gold Confetti Pumpkins

If there isn’t already a book called ‘A Gazillion Things to do with Washi Tape‘, there should be. Who would have thought something that started life as fly-swatting paper could have so many uses. Clever Amy from Homey Oh My! has made our top 10 again by using gold washi tape to add some cool glitz to her white pumpkin. If you need the tutorial it’s here.


Donut Pumpkins

If pumpkins were invited to a fancy dress party, they’d probably go as donuts. It suits them. Kelly from Studio DIY painted these one in acrylics, so there’s no tutorial, but if you want to see more pictures of pumpkins in donut disguise head over here. No matter how tempting those sprinkles look though, follow Kelly’s advice: “Don’t eat them. Go buy yourself some donuts instead.” Wise words.

cross stitch pumpkin, pretty pumpkin

Cross Stitch Pumpkin

Crafters will appreciate our last entry in our Top Ten – this cross stitched pumpkin. In her tutorial Elsie Marley has sensibly used a fake pumpkin and poked holes using a bamboo skewer. If you’re not afraid of a bit of pumpkin innards, you could try hollowing out a real pumpkin, and sticking in your hand through a hole in the base to stitch the pattern. But that doesn’t really fit with our no-carving promise. And also… ewww. The less slimy Cross Stitch Faux Pumpkin tutorial is here.

pretty pumpkin, no carve pumpkins, designer pumpkins

If 10 isn’t enough for you, we’ve got more inspiration on our Pretty Pumpkins Pinterest board!

If you’re interested in doing a DIY make or tutorial for the Folksy blog, we’d love to hear your ideas. You can email us at community@folksy.co.uk. And if you want more inspiration, interviews and offers, you could always sign up to our newsletter. It’s pretty.

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