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Folksy Free! 20 Free Listing for everyone this weekend!

by Hilary Pullen

Free Listings at Folksy.com (6)

20 Free Listings for all Folksy Shops

As a little festive treat, we’re giving all existing Folksy shops and any new shops an early Christmas present of 20 free listings.  The offer starts at 6pm tomorrow evening, Friday 13th November and ends at midnight on Sunday 15th! So you must ensure you use up all 20 as once the clock strikes midnight the free listing ends!

Folksy Plus sellers who already get free listings needn’t feel left out as we’ll be extending their plus account by 3 days to cover the free weekend.

free-listing-weekend-folksy-2 (1)

There’s no catch and there are no complicated codes to worry about, it’s just free to list for everyone this weekend only – it starts at wine-o-clock 6pm on Friday 13th November!

Who and what can you sell on Folksy?

Whilst people from around the world can buy from Folksy, you must be resident in the UK  and over 18 to sell with Folksy and your items must be handmade by you.

The only exceptions are craft supplies.  You can sell craft supplies which are not handmade by you.  We do not allow vintage items or items that you have not handmade yourself, no reselling allowed.  We have a helpful guide to what you can and cannot sell on Folksy which you may want to read if you’re not sure.

Get started Right Away!

If you already have a shop on Folksy then you can get started right away! Create draft listings, ready for the free weekend which starts at 6pm on Friday 12th November.

If you are new to Folksy it’s really easy to open a shop in minutes, just follow the prompts.  Your items will be seen on the home page once you have listed 4 new items and all new sellers shops with at least one item can be found here – New Shops on Folksy.  You will need a business paypal account to open a shop, they’re also easy to set up.  You need this so you can accept payments for your goods directly from your buyers.

Start selling on folksy

Please Spread the Word!

If you know any designers or makers who could take advantage of our Free Listing Weekend and you think they would love selling on Folksy, please let them know – the offer is open to everyone including brand new shops and they don’t need any codes!

Copy of Copy of Free Listings at Folksy.com (2)

Free Listings at Folksy.com (5)

Copy of Free Listings at Folksy.com (3)

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Tola Laseinde November 13, 2015 - 10:04 am

Sharing this all over Social media

Fantastic Xmas giveaway

Thanks Folksy

High end custom furniture maker November 21, 2015 - 2:04 pm

Folksy is completely new to me and I believe your website would be a perfect place for people
to see my one of a kind, solid wood furniture and especially my cutting boards and handmade kitchenware. I would be very pleased if you could forward the information required to have my products included in your website. All the best BGF

Camilla November 23, 2015 - 12:45 pm

Sadly you need to be based in based in the UK to sell on Folksy, Bobby. Good luck with your furniture business though.

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