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Online Marketing for Your Craft Business – Giveaway!

by Camilla

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Win a Copy of this Must Have Online Marketing Handbook!

Hilary Pullen is an online community manager working with companies on their social media strategies and community engagement. You may recognise her name as she’s also part of the Folksy team.

In her spare time (which is not much!) she writes Craft Blog UK, a blog full of tips for perfecting your blogging and marketing techniques. With the wealth of advice available on her blog, she was approached by a publisher to write ‘Online Marketing for your Craft Business‘, a book which helps people who sell craft online to understand how to create a strategy for their online marketing.

Hilary has a calm and supportive voice that lends itself well for this well thought out manual. The chapters are clear and logically laid out and I can find exactly what I need to know about whether I’m dipping in for a specific piece of advice or working cover to cover to help me form a clear marketing plan. Information is relevant and up to date and more resources are highlighted so I can continue to learn and develop as a professional. – Kate Long of A Playful Day

She’s giving three of you the chance to win a copy of this must-have book! All you have to do is complete the entry form below.

The book is about saving time and focussing on the important aspects of marketing and networking, in particular finding influencers who can give you the step up you need. It takes you through basic principles of content marketing and looks in depth at various social media channels. There are also tips and hints from lots of experts along the way.

Hilary uses an ABC strategy – Acquisition, Behaviour and Conversion – and applies this in a clever way throughout the book, so after you’ve read it this technique will become second nature with every interaction you have online. You’ll stop wasting time and start thinking about how you can create a content marketing strategy that really works.

Right off the bat, Hilary is going to teach you the ABC’s of marketing: Aquisition, Behaviour, Conversion. I love this! The core of marketing your craft business is right there.  On a daily basis, you should be marketing your craft business and remembering these three principles. – Time Adam, CEO of Handmadeology.com

Would you like to enter and win a copy of this brilliant marketing handbook? Just add your details to this form!

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You can purchase a copy via Amazon here  ‘Craft Marketing‘ or get a signed copy direct from Hilary at 10% OFF by going to her blog – Craft Blog UK

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