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Free Craft Calendar

by Camilla

free desktop calendar, craft calendar for February 2016

Free desktop calendar

To help you organise your shop and plan promotions, we’ve designed a free desktop calendar packed full of useful information for selling and promoting craft online. Our craft calendar is designed so you can easily download it and use as wallpaper on your desktop computers – or if you prefer, you could print it out and hang it on your wall. Here it is looking lovely on Sianuska‘s Mac in her study.

The craft calendar includes shopkeeping reminders that will help you keep your shops fresh and up to date, key events that you can plan your marketing and promotions around, application deadlines for craft fairs, as well as a selection of workshops or other events that might be of interest to UK makers.

We hope you like it and that it’s useful! Let us know if you have any events that you’d like us to include in the March calendar!


Download this month’s free desktop calendar >



About our craft calendar for February…

The illustration for this month’s craft calendar is by Chris Hagan and is taken from his Kanchenjunga print.

Chris Hagan, Kanchenjunga Mountain

This piece is inspired by the third highest mountain in the world Kanchenjunga, which lies partly in Nepal and partly in Sikkim, India. I used a collage, paint and wax resist technique on the ripped pieces of paper that make up the collage, which aims to gives a rough texture similar the craggy and imposing terrain of the mountain. This piece is part of a series of images I am currently working on illustrating the four highest mountains in the world.

You can see more of Chris Hagan’s prints, paintings and illustrations in his Folksy shop.

(Main photograph by Sianuska)






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