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How to keep your online shop fresh, selling tips for designers and makers,

How to keep your online shop fresh – without making new products!

by Camilla

6 easy ways to keep your online shop fresh

If you’ve worked hard to build a fanbase of people who love your work, you want to keep them coming back. One of the ways to make that happen is to give them something different to look at each time they visit your shop – people love to see what’s new. Keeping your shop fresh also keeps you excited about your work and gives you something to talk about on social media. Introducing new products is an obvious way to do that, but there are a few other simple tricks too.

Here we share six easy ways to keep your shop fresh, followed by some top tips from Folksy seller Natalie Coe of Boo Bear Bean.

Featured image: Daffodils Original Lino Print by Little Ram Studio

6 easy ways to keep your online shop fresh


1. Rearrange your shop regularly

Tips for keeping your shop fresh, craft seller tips

I love rearranging the order of my products in shopkeeping. It’s like being a real shop window merchandiser! – Teresa Bettelley, Shirley Rainbow

One of best ways to keep your shop fresh is to tie it in with seasons and events. At its most simple, this just involves rearranging your listings so the most relevant ones show up at the top of your shop. You can do that in the shopkeeping section of your seller dashboard.

So from January to 15 February, any Valentine products should be at the top of your shop, from May to June Father’s Day products should appear first, in October it would be Halloween products, and from November to December Christmas products should take the top spot.


2. Change your keywords

update your keywords

I have a reminder in my phone to change listings once a seasonal event is over – so on 15 February it reminds me to change Valentine’s Day listings – Stacy Perry from Blue Dot Creations

Update your product titles, descriptions and tags to make them relevant to that season, so your products match the things people will be looking for at that time of year. Not only will that help them show up in seasonal searches like ‘Father’s Day’, but it also shows people that your shop is well looked after and up to date. Don’t forget to change them back once the event has passed though, or hide them altogether (no one wants to see Christmas products in Spring!).

Top tip: Set a reminder in your phone to remove seasonal products or change seasonal keywords in your listing once that event is over.


3. Use seasonal props

use seasonal props

We’re now forward planning seasonal changes to banners and icons. We’re also plotting photo shoots for staple items shot with seasonal palettes and/or props to switch throughout the year – Kirsty and Adrienne from Frilly Industries

It’s not just product titles and descriptions that can do with a little seasonal tweaking, product photographs can benefit from a bit of updating too. Take something like a handmade mug – photograph it next to a rabbit-shaped biscuit and some blossom, and it’s perfect for Easter and Spring. Retake that picture with an iced-moustache biscuit and it’s ready for Father’s Day. By alternating your props, not only are you making your shop look nice and fresh, but you’re giving a customer visual clues that are more likely to grab their attention as they scan a page looking for the perfect gift for a specific event.

Top tip: When taking your product photographs, set up a few shots of your products styled with different seasonal props. This way you’ll have a range of photos ready to use over the year, and you won’t need to shoot the same products again.


4. Make the most of shop features

Bear illlustration, Kelly Attenborough

After 25th December, I hide all my Xmas items, so they can reappear next year – Kelly Attenborough

If you have a Folksy Plus account, you can keep your shop looking fresh without even being there – just click the products you want to ‘feature’ and if you choose more than three items, they will continuously rotate and display in a random order on your shop page, so a customer is likely to see something different every time they visit.

You can also create ‘Collections’, so why not have a whole ‘Father’s Day’ Collection, a ‘Valentine Gifts for Him’ collection, or a ‘January offers’ collection? Again, set a reminder on your calendar or on your phone so you don’t forget to delete or rename the collection once the event has finished.


5. Freshen up your banner

Tips for updating your online shop

I’m planning on creating new artwork for a summer banner – Tina Martin from Daisy Wings

If a customer lands on your shop page, the very first thing they’ll see is your banner, so by changing that your shop instantly looks fresh! Some ideas for banner shots are a new piece you’re working on, a lifestyle shot of your latest collection, or your studio. But consider the dimensions – banners are wide and narrow and need a high-quality image to look good.

Your shop banner is also a great place to tell customers about any seasonal offers or valid discount codes. Be careful not to crowd your banner with information overload though – a photo overlaid with a simple bit of text to one side is much more effective than a jumble of images or huge, distracting fonts.


6. Keep your shop up to date

how to keep your shop up to date

When items come up for relisting, I re-read descriptions and update photos – Megan Brown from SoSewMegan

One of the most off-putting things for buyers is to see old information that’s clearly out of date on your shop page or in your product descriptions. If your shop banner or a product description says “last date for Christmas orders…” and it’s June, it shows buyers that you don’t update your shop very often and they probably won’t feel confident ordering from you. So go through everything regularly to make sure it’s all up to date. A shop that’s clearly busy and cared for is far more likely to get sales.

Top Tip: Set one day aside every month to go through all your listings and make sure they are up to date. The 1st of the month could work well or you could refresh/check all your descriptions, tags and titles when your products come up for relisting.


Tips for keeping your shop fresh from Boo Bear Bean

Case Study:
Natalie Coe from Boo Bear Bean

Natalie Coe is a product designer and textile maker, and the creator of Boo Bear Bean. She has built up a loyal fanbase on Instagram who look forward to her shop updates and seeing new versions of her popular mini teepees. We asked Natalie to share her top tips for keeping your shop fresh…

  • Make sure the products visible in your shop are appropriate to the time of year. Your shop needs to look ‘active’, so hide those Christmas products until closer to the festive season.
  • It’s quick and easy to upload a new photo as the banner for your shop. If you’ve got a new range, this banner is a great way to show your products as a collection.
  • I love Folksy as it’s so easy to change the order of your products. It’s a great way to instantly update the look of your shop. Think about which products you want to place most focus on and how well those products sit next to each other.
  • Keep your customers updated on any new products and work in progress in your ‘Meet the Maker’ profile section. It’s always lovely to hear news about what you’ve been up to away from the making table too, as very often people are buying in to you as a maker, as well as your products.
  • Update your product shots – a great close-up and a lifestyle picture are a must. Use a few appropriate props, which help your customers to imagine how they would use your products.

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