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Free crochet shawl tutorial by Laura Strutt

by Camilla

Free Crochet Tutorial – Make a Night Sky shawl

Calling all crochet lovers – there’s a new book full of fabulous crochet patterns to put on your reading list. It’s called Modern Crocheted Shawls & Wraps and it’s written by Laura Strutt from Made Peachy. Laura has designed 35 crochet patterns to keep you warm, from chunky throws to lacy shawls, all in her modern palette of brights and neutrals. The patterns in the book range from simple, slip-on crochet wraps to a large open-work shawl with tassels, and there are lots of ideas for super-chunky and variegated yarns too.

Laura has very kindly offered to share one of her projects as a little taster. So get your crochet hooks and yarn at the ready. We’d LOVE to see your makes, so when you’ve finished the shawl, why not share it on Instagram and tag us @folksyhq or show us your shawl in progress by adding the #feelingfolksy tag to your pics.


free crochet shawl tutorial, Night Sky Shawl by Laura Strutt,


Night Sky Crochet Shawl tutorial

Create a clever triangular crochet shawl of contrasting textured halves. The texture of the woven crochet stitch is played up by using two different yarns, a cotton and a silk blend. Using only double crochet and chain stitches, this design is ideal for novices or those looking for a quick gift make.


  • Sublime Egyptian Cotton DK (100% cotton; 100m/115 yards per 50g/1.oz ball) DK-weight yarn
    5 x 50g (1.oz) balls in shade 0387 Dusty Blue (A)
  • Sublime Cotton Silk DK (75% cotton/25% silk; 125m/137 yards per 50g/1.oz ball) DK-weight yarn
    5 x 50g (1.oz) balls in shade 442 Indigo Leaf (B)
  • 4mm (US G/6) crochet hook
  • Tapestry needle


Finished Measurements

142.5cm (56in) wide x 86.5cm (34in) deep



26 sts and 21 rows to measure 10cm (4in) over woven stitch pattern

Crochet shawl tutorial project, Laura Strutt


For the Shawl

Foundation: Using yarn A and 4mm (US G/6) hook, make a magic ring. Work 2ch (counts as turning ch and 1dc), 2dc into ring. Draw up tightly to conceal the hole and create a small half-moon shape with 3 sts. Turn and continue in rows as follows:

Row 1: 1ch (does not count as st throughout), 2dc in first st, 1ch, 1dc in next st, 1ch, 2dc in last st, turn. (5dc, 2 ch-sps)

Row 2: 1ch, 2dc in first st, 1ch, 1dc in ch-sp, 1ch, 1dc in ch-sp, 1ch, 2dc in last st, turn. (6dc, 3 ch-sps)

Row 3: 1ch, 2dc in first st, 1ch, 1dc in ch-sp, 1ch, 1dc in ch-sp, 1ch, 1dc in ch-sp, 1ch, 2dc in last st, turn. (7dc, 4 ch-sps)

Row 4: 1ch, 2dc in first st, work [1ch, 1dc in ch-sp] to last st, 1ch, 2dc in last st, turn. (8dc, 5 ch-sps)

Row 4 sets pattern.

Continue in pattern as set, increasing 1dc and 1ch-sp every row, for a further 98 rows.
(103 rows worked in total, including foundation row)

Next row: Change to yarn B and work in pattern as set for a further 54 rows.

Fasten off.


Making Up and Finishing

Weave in all loose ends and block to measurements.



This shawl is worked in a woven crochet stitch made up of only chains and double crochet stitches, so it is an ideal project for beginners. The double crochet stitches are worked into the chain spaces of the previous row, which makes the pattern easy to master.

When working with different fibres, be sure to work a tension swatch in each to ensure your hook creates the same stitch size for each of the yarns selected.


Make it yours

For a more striking look, work with two highly contrasting shades, such as a neutral with a bright pop of colour.


This tutorial is taken from Modern Crocheted Shawls & Wraps by Laura Strutt, photography by Emma Mitchell & Penny Wincer, published by CICO Books www.rylandpeters.com/modern-crocheted-shawls-and-wraps


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