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March Craft Calendar – download your free desktop calendar!

by Camilla

download your free desktop calendar for March 2016,

Free March calendar

Every month we’re giving you a free calendar to help you organise your shop and plan promotions. The craft calendar for March 2016 is designed by Angie Spurgeon from Artwork by Angie, so not only is it full of useful information for selling and promoting craft online but it looks pretty too! You can see how fine it is here on Sianuska’s desk.

Our craft calendar is designed so you can easily download it and use as a background on your desktop computers – or if you prefer, you could print it out and hang it on your wall. This month’s calendar includes shopkeeping reminders that will help you keep your shop fresh, events to help plan your marketing and promotions, as well as some events and craft fairs that might be of interest to UK makers. (If you have any events you’d like us to include in the April calendar email us at community@folksy.co.uk)

Psst… You can find instructions on how to set your calendar as wallpaper on your computer at the end of this post.

Thanks to Sian Kellaway from Sianuska for letting us use a picture of her lovely workspace. 




About our craft calendar for March…

This month’s calendar has been designed by Angie Spurgeon from Artwork by Angie. We asked Angie to tell us a bit more about her beautiful illustration…

Spring is my favourite season. Lots of my designs are inspired by Spring because I love how our garden bursts into life with colour and the blissful sound of birdsong from March onwards.

Artwork by Angie, free calendar,

The design I’ve done for the March calendar was created from my little pen and ink drawings which I then coloured on my computer. If you look carefully, you can also find the flowers and birds featured on this craft calendar on some of my greetings cards and wall art prints.

See more Artwork by Angie prints, cards and illustrations >

Read more about Angie and her creative business in our Shop Talk interview >



How to set the background wallpaper on a Mac

How to set your calendar as wallpaper on a Mac

  1. To download the calendar either drag it to your desktop or click ‘Save Image As. Save to a folder.
  2. Click on the Apple icon on the top navigation bar of your Mac, and then open System Preferences. Click on the Desktop & Screen Saver Icon – this panel will then appear on your screen.
  3. Click the correct folder in the column on the left and then click the calendar picture in the area on the right.


How to use calendar as background on windows computer

How to set your calendar as wallpaper on a Windows Computer

  1. To download the calendar, click on the image and save it to a folder on your desktop.
  2. Open the Desktop Background by clicking the Start button and then clicking the Control Panel. In the search box, type desktop background, and then click ‘Change Desktop Background’.
  3. Click the calendar file to set that as your desktop background.

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