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Win a copy of Lionheart Magazine – 5 copies to give away!

by Camilla

Lionheart magazine,

Win a copy of Lionheart Magazine!

Lionheart Magazine is a real labour of love. This isn’t a magazine that’s pushed out every month by big publishing houses. It’s put together in Bristol by Helen Martin and an outstanding array of contributors and illustrators when it’s ready and when they have something to say. There have only been five issues so far, and this, The Time Issue, is the sixth.

Among the pages of Lionheart, you’ll find craft, fashion, art, gardening, interviews and features that are smart, funny, friendly and a little irreverent, together with beautiful design, illustrations and photography. It’s a very special thing indeed.

In the words of Helen, its creator and editor: “I started this magazine because I wanted to create something that embraces goodness, understanding, exploration and beauty. We are all learning every single day. I’d love Lionheart to be a part of this, to help inspire and make YOU feel GOOD.”

We have five copies of the new issue to give away! For your chance to win one, just fill in the box below (or enter here) …


What’s in issue 6 of Lionheart?

Issue 6 of Lionheart is The Time Issue. It looks at time, how our perception of time is dictated by our choices and the way we live, and what we appreciate within those ticking seconds. This issue features globally renowned blogger Grace Bonney of Design*Sponge, telly star and author Dawn O’Porter, singer-songwriter Kate Stables from This is the Kit, plus recipes from Claire Thomson of The Five O’Clock Apron and frankly a whole load more good stuff.

Helen tells us more:

“Time is a fascinating subject and here it is, explored, for roaring Lionhearts in issue six. Whether an inspiring helping of slow living, or that thrilling whoosh of doing something different, issue six explores how time influences and joins humanity and the natural world. How we each live within our own rhythm, a song with notes of our past life and future intentions, but mostly belonging to right now. This second. Empowerment, potential, pondering!

“Time is particularly prominent for me right now as my family grows – I have another baby due in three weeks.Becoming a mother has taught me patience, our capacity for love (yes, love spins the world) and that actually it really is all about the present. The secret is to spend time in a way that makes us brilliantly sparkle without realising. I got that from my daughter. Stay inquisitive, plant the seeds, paint the door, bake the bread, write the poem, see your friends, lie back and slumber under a rose bush. Do what you want, but do it full pelt and with every part of you.”


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