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10 Fun DIY Gifts for Teachers

10 fun gifts for teachers to make with the kids

by Camilla

DIY gift ideas for teachers

We’ve put together 10 fun DIY gifts for teachers that the kids can make themselves, so you can treat a teacher to something extra special and handmade. They might need a little help with some of them – unless they’re handy with a hammer and saw – but that’s the fun bit, right? We’ve also made a super simple tutorial for paper flowers they can decorate with coloured pens, paints or even pencils – whatever you’ve got in your craft box!

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Decorated Paper Flowers

These paper flowers are super simple to make but look really sweet displayed together in a jug – or you could tie them together with a ribbon and add a little thank-you note.

  1. Draw circular patterns or flowers on lightweight card or cartridge paper.
  2. Cut around the patterns – they can do this with a pair of children’s scissors as they don’t need to be perfect.
  3. Stick the flowers on to florist wire using sticky tape over the wire on the back of each flower.
  4. If you’re displaying your paper flowers in a jug, arrange the flowers by sticking the stalks into a foam block cut to size.
  5. If you want to use them as a bouquet, cut the wires slightly shorter and wrap them in embroidery thread or washi tape to protect small fingers from the sharp ends. Make each paper flower a slightly different length to add interest. Decorate your paper bouquet with a ribbon and add a little ‘thank you’ tag to make it extra special.


 More DIY gifts for teachers…

DIY gifts for teachers, medals for teachers, teacher medal

How cute are these Teacher Medals? They’re made with felt and ribbons and simple embroidery stitches, so they’re a perfect project for slightly older children – by hellobee


printable apple boxes

Fill these cute printable apple boxes with homemade biscuits for a super special treat – by Oh Happy Day


DIY gifts for teachers, apple pompom, pencil

Fruit with googley eyes. We’re sold. Apple Pencil Pompoms – by Willowday

DIY gifts for teachers, apple pompom, apple keyring

These Apple Pompoms would make great little keyrings or bag charms for a teacher – from Make Pompom Fun Shapes by Quarto Books

DIY gifts for teachers, pencil coaster

You might need to give you kids a hand with the saw but it’s worth it if the end result look as good as this. Coloured pencil coaster – by Crafts Unleashed


Owl fan, gift for teachers

Show a teacher they’re a wise owl and your child is their biggest fan with this DIY Owl Fan – by Mr Printables


DIY gifts for teachers, paper flower pot

Paper flower pots with a hidden message for your child’s teacher in the petals – by Handmade Charlotte


Button Apple Canvas, thank you present for teacher

This apple picture is made entirely from buttons. You could use the same ideas as a thank-you card too – by Mum in the Mad House


apple string art, thank you gift for teachers

We love Sarah M Style’s Apple String Art tutorial. If you hammer, they can string. Check out Sarah’s cactus plant pot made from painted pebbles too, which comes with a free printable ‘Thank you Teacher’ banner.


DIY gifts for teachers, apple bobbin, apple spool

 This Apple Core Spool card is so clever – by Fiskars


Thank you presents for teachers…

End of Year Thank You Gifts Ideas for Teachers

If you’ve left it too late to create, or your crafting with children hasn’t gone to plan, don’t worry – we’ve got loads of ideas for handmade gifts for teachers on Folksy. Click here to see our gift ideas >

Find more gifts and cards for teachers on Pinterest >

Image credit: Red Low-Res Wooden Apple by Loglike


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