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Folksy Friday – Bathroom Bliss by Sianuska

by Camilla

By Sianuka

Happy Friday Folksy, folks! Our bathroom is in dire need of a redesign. Think putty-coloured suite, a broken shower and curling lino, horrors! Alas, funds do not stretch to ripping it all out and starting again (yet) but luckily Folksy and Pinterest have enabled me to create the virtual bathroom of my dreams.

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Natural fibres are luxurious and sustainable, this rug is handwoven using local Welsh Jacob fleeces. I’d use it as a bathmat, the nubby surface would feel ace between the toes. This beautiful sheepskin stool would provide a cosy place for companions to perch when they pop in to provide me with cups of tea (milk, no sugar and in this mug please) and reading material.


I love house plants and they love the humidity of the bathroom, I’d create a jungle effect and hide some of that ‘special’ 80s tiling by filling the room with leafy loveliness. Ferns and plants with trailing foliage would look great suspended in these hanging planters. This wall mounted test tube vase transforms baby succulents and cuttings into living art.


The bathroom is a great place to display art (ensure that the framing protects the piece from being damaged by humidity). Hanging a print above the sink or toilet cistern means it will receive the maximum attention. This print is a fun Bauhaus inspired reminder to brush your teeth or, alternatively, go for some scatological humour.


My sweet SiL gave me a bottle of this Southsea Bathing Hut blooming bath and shower oil as a birthday gift. It transforms the bath into a milky oasis, smells lush and leaves your skin super soft. This wool and silk felted soap looks like a beautiful pebble and makes those annoying tiny slithers of leftover soap a thing of the past.


I love the patina of these restored industrial lockers. I’d use them to store cleaning products and lots of fluffy towels and as a place to hide all those unsightly plastic bath toys (Laters Octonauts!). This reclaimed wood and rope shelf would make a handy home for some of those plants and my more display-worthy ‘products’ – it reminds me of the beach without being twee.


All parents of small children will know that an uninterrupted soak in the bath (or indeed, trip to the loo!) is the holy grail. Perhaps this sign might help.

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Sianuska is Sian Kellaway. She’s an artist, designer, printmaker, full-time mama and half-hearted housewife. She makes colourful, often typographical, screen prints using pencils, a very elderly computer, elbow grease, love and squeegees. She’s inspired by Radio 4, cups of tea, her grandmas, hand-knitted jumpers, analogue phones, vintage buttons, half tone and toast. Sian used to played the tuba as a teenager. Consequently her street credit rating was very low.


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