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#FolksyFriday – Glorious Glass by Sasha Garrett

by Guest Blogger

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By Sasha Garrett 

I’ll admit that glass and I have a bit of a history – I was the kid that used to rush to the bottle bank to listen to them smash as I threw them in and things haven’t improved much as an adult. So to help me with my therapy and increase my appreciation of glass (other than the sound it makes when it breaks) I’ve selected a few pieces to showcase the beauty and versatility of this amazing material.

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Glorious Glass

Jorardan Glass has made this delicate looking coral bowl – I’m not sure it would last two minutes in my hands but I love its pretty airyness.

In stark contrast to the coral bowl, Fusion Glass Art has produced this dish, all dark and brooding and not what I associate with glass – woven effect glass dish

I’m a fan of murano glass beads not just for the gem like  quality of the gold foils and sparkly colours they use but for the fact I went to Murano and spent a day (or two) wandering the canals gelato in hand buying them. Lampwork beads by Jo proves that I could buy my glass beads much closer to home but I doubt the ice cream is as good even if the beads are! Lampwork Beads made in the UK

I’ve watched people blow glass, jaw on the floor in amazement at how they manage to stop this molten blob from falling off the pipe never mind turning it into something beautiful. This vase by Imogen Charleston proves that blown glass can be robust as well as delicate and I love the colours which remind me of the sea. Free Blown Glass Vase

Speaking of the sea I’ll admit to walking the beaches and coming home with pockets full of pebbles and sea glass I just never manage to do anything as pretty with it as this flower garden picture by Cornish Art. I’m now pondering what the pink glass used in it was before it ended up in the ocean.

The view out of the window isn’t as good as this one created by JoysofGlass (Cambridge rather lacks the mountains or sea). I love the fact with stained glass you can either appreciate the glass directly or just the puddles of colour that they create on the floor as the sun streams through them.  Stained Glass Suncatcher

I love this dinky little light bulb vase by Unique’s Co perfect for a flower or two. The ingenuity of this bit of upcycling makes me wish I hadn’t broken quite so much glass over the years just to see what they could have done with some of it. Glass Bulb Flower Vase

I’m not allowed near stemware, its not safe in my hands, but this jug by Cove Calligraphy would suit any refreshing summer tipple. It just so happens that I have strawberries from the garden and cucumbers from the allotment so cheers! Pimms o’clock Jug

For more pieces of glorious glass my pinterest board can be found here – Glorious Glass


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More about this week’s curator Sasha Garrett

I studied chemistry at university and for many years I worked as a medicinal chemist but I now find myself wanting to leave behind the world of black tars for things more beautiful. I took silversmithing evening classes to help me recover from illness, making pieces for myself and for family and friends. I find myself drawn to more unusual materials – the chemist in me gets excited by minerals containing random elements or interesting crystal patterns – too many years spent recrystallising things in the lab. I’m fortunate to have the space to work from home and when I’m not there I’m either down the allotment or travelling the world looking for more interesting things to turn into jewellery.




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