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august calendar, free desktop calendar, lisa stubbs, lil sonny sky

Free calendar and phone wallpaper designed by Lisa Stubbs

by Camilla

Your free August Calendar

As a special treat for the summer, we’ve created a free calendar for August that you can set as wallpaper on your desktop computer or an alternative version you can use as a gorgeous background on your phone. The calendar and screensaver have been designed by illustrator and printmaker Lisa Stubbs, aka Lil Sonny Sky.

Scroll down to download your free calendar and wallpaper.

We love Lisa’s illustrations, so we persuaded her to take a little time out from illustrating books, creating original prints and looking after her children to answer a few questions.


Mini Q&A with Lisa Stubbs

Can you introduce yourself?
Hello! my name is Lisa Stubbs and I’m a freelance illustrator, author and screen printer. I’m also a very lucky mum living on a big hill surrounded by the beautiful Holme Valley in Yorkshire.

Where do you look for inspiration?
My children have been a huge source of inspiration to me. I feel incredibly lucky to have spent so much quality time with them as they’ve been growing up. I love their zest for life and their way at looking at the world. I also love vintage children’s picture books and old photographs that inspire a story.

Can you tell us a bit about the illustration for this month’s calendar?
Free As A Bird‘ is an original eight-colour screen print, which I’ve hand printed using acrylic, paper and elbow grease. It was inspired by a photograph of my daughter Lily, walking through a field of buttercups, without a care in the world, free as a bird…

Lisa Stubbs, illustrator

‘Free As A Bird’ was inspired by Lisa’s daughter walking through a summer meadow

How would you spend your perfect day?
My perfect day would be a sunny family outing to a tiny unspoilt seaside spot called Brunswick Bay on the East Yorkshire coast. We would spend quality time fossil hunting, crabbing, flying kites, drawing and skimming stones. We’d picnic on the beach, followed by a salty sea air walk along the coast, ending up at a pub for a supper of fish and chips.

What’s the best thing to happen so far…
So many wonderful things have happened to me over the years, but the best things are the day-to-day normalites of family life, watching on the sidelines as Sonny scores a goal, laughing at a private joke with Skyla, seeing Lily glowing so happy at prom. These are the best things because they’re precious. Time flies by way too fast, so just being here to see the kids grow up is magic.

See more illustrations and screenprints by Lisa Stubbs


august calendar, free desktop calendar, lisa stubbs, lil sonny sky

Download your free August Calendar

Download as wallpaper for your phone

See this post for instructions on how to set the calendar as wallpaper on your desktop. 

We hope you love your calendar and wallpaper. If you do, please share!

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