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#folksyfriday – A Cottage Garden by HandMaidSW

by Guest Blogger

By Sallianne from HandMaidSW

As an amateur gardener, I’ve spent many hours in our cottage garden growing and tending plants, and also encouraging the wildlife. Because my garden inspires me in my work, I wanted to look at how other crafters take the same theme to extraordinary levels. I’m constantly amazed at the skills and creativity of others makers on Folksy who are far more accomplished than I – how they turn flowers, vegetables, butterflies and bees into embroidery, ceramics, stained glass and stunning artwork. The pieces I’ve chosen for in this Folksy Friday capture the mood of a cottage garden, whether that’s structured growing, sowing wild or providing space for relaxation and a little humour…

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This embroidered and felted pincushion shows a cottage garden in miniature. I was drawn to it by the flowers and foliage set against the blue sky. Just lovely.

This is a really novel idea. Quirky and fun. It’s bunting as I’d never seen before. Putting the two ideas together, fabric vintage seed packets and rustic bunting, is inspired!

This Allotment Print by Kelly Rosser depicts the many different types of vegetables seen in British allotments. While our own vegetable garden is not huge, we try to organise what and where we grow just like Kelly’s Grandad. It makes me think of both the hard work and the joy of growing your own. And you get to eat it fresh from the ground.

The design and colours of these seed cards appealed to me as I collect and dry seedpods every year. The colours used in the original painting are definitely eye-catching!

When I saw these coasters I thought, what a fun way to celebrate the humble lettuce! Growing her own vegetables, which I can appreciate too, inspired Milla Stacpoole to paint the beauty of its spiralling leaves.


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Sallianne, HandmaidSWMy interest in photography began as a teenager. Whether it was people, buildings, scenery, the beach or wildlife, I would try to capture whatever caught my eye. I created HandMaidSW on Folksy in 2013 as somewhere I could exhibit and, hopefully, sell my my original photographs and digital artwork, as well as handmade gifts, greeting cards and prints made using recycled fabrics and materials. Sometimes my ideas start with just a phrase or one of my photographs, or I can be inspired by other peoples. I always strive for that unique element or design to make it my own, to create something I’ve not seen before. Then, hopefully, someone else will like my designs and ideas too!



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