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Folksy Friday, Summer's End, MoggShop

#folksyfriday – Summer’s End by MoggShop

by Camilla

By Sally Welchman from Moggshop

This is a favourite time of year for me: August is my birthday month and I love that Summer-to-Autumn feel. There’s still time for an impromptu beach visit, evening barbecue or picnic lunch and to squeeze as much outdoor fun into the end of summer as possible, with all the flowers, birds and insects around us. Autumn is on its way and people are looking forward to new beginnings in September and preparing to go back to school, college and work.

I’ve chosen items that evoke the end of Summer and beginning of Autumn – woolies to drape over yourself and stay outside as the nights draw in, things for the perfect morning cuppa in the garden and some smart back to work and school supplies to make getting organised a bit more fun.

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Autumn Thoughts original screen print by Lil Sonny Sky
For me, Lisa’s print embodies the joyful feeling of late summer and early autumn – being out in nature and feeling part of it. The wonderful simple lines of this remind me of Scandinavian art of the fifties.

Naughty Blue Tit & Milk Bottles Brooch by I Am Acrylic
This brooch by Ruth and Brendan from I Am Acrylic takes me back to school mornings of my childhood, when we would argue over who got to pour the creamy top of the milk over our breakfast cornflakes, only to find that a naughty blue tit had got there first!

Magda and Edwin with their little eggs, framed original painting by Menagerie
Dear little Magda and Edwin look to me like little squirrels who are off to start a new term at school, with their fur all neat and tidy and their tiny eggs, symbolic of new beginnings. I love how perfectly detailed Emma’s paintings are and the expressive faces of her little critters.

Courage Iron On Patch by Bel’s Art World
If Magda and Edwin Squirrel were a little nervous about the new school term, I would sew this fabulous ‘Courage’ patch on to their backpacks. Wonderful work from Bel – colourful, cute, imaginative and affordable.

Hexagon Crochet Granny Blanket by Loop by Loop
I love the colours that Renata from Loop by Loop has chosen for this blanket, which is a real work of art. Tuck this around your knees and stay a while longer outdoors at the end of a summer’s day as the stars twinkle above you!


You can see more from Sally’s Summer’s End collection on Pinterest


MoggshopSally Welchman from MoggShop is an artist/painter working who works from her home studio in Brighton, ably assisted by a hairy young helper called Lodmund. She paints fascinating creatures and still lifes on reclaimed wood. Her artwork has been shown at the Royal Academy Summer Show, MOMA Wales and Brighton Art Fair and is stocked in various UK galleries.





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