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Autumn Hues by Jane Crick

Autumn Hues

by Jane Crick

I love the Autumn. It’s the last few months of the growing year, finishing in a riot of colour! Autumn is nature’s very own fantastic fiery display: golds, acid greens, copper, cherry reds and conker browns. Once the allotment and garden are put to bed, I can look forward to snuggling up with a good book, a craft project and hot mug of steaming tea! Here are a few Autumnal finds which celebrate this season, and which I’d love to have this Autumn…

autumn hues, jane crick, autumn finds

My Autumn Hues – a #folksyfriday

Curling up with a good book is a real treat! I love the thought of snuggling up my Kindle in this Harris Tweed cover by LifeCovers.

Screenprinting is a real passion of mine but I don’t often have time to do it. This print by Fiona Hamiliton blazes a riot of Autumn colour and I adore it!

Simple, and stunningly effective – two beautifully decorated leather leaves on a keyring. This handmade leather keyring by Nora Klotz would make a beautiful Autumnal gift.

A mug of hot tea is a must at all times, and these Autumnal crochet mug cosies by Hook and Loop will keep it warm whatever the weather!

Taking my favourite teas with me is essential, so this handy tea wallet is perfect. I love the Autumn apples fabric.

These earrings by ARC Creative Jewellery are stunningly beautiful, They remind me of the harvest moon and I would love to own them!

A new statement necklace is a good way to give an instant new look to your tired Autumn wardrobe. I love this one by Red Paper House.

This chunky crochet storage pot in ochre and grey is the perfect thing to hold my Autumn craft projects.

I’m never too far away from a hot water bottle in Autumn, and this snuggly cover would make it extra cosy!

I love the bright red of this hand-printed cushion cover by Kerry Day – just the thing to rest your weary head after a long day gardening!


See the full Autumn Hues collection on Pinterest


Jane CrickIllustrator Jane Crick is inspired by her love of flowers and rural Suffolk life. She produces bold digital illustrations and designs using flat colour and shape to explore pattern and nature in its simplest shape and form. Her work depicts flowers, fruit and vegetables, some of which she grows herself on her allotment. Other subjects include the British Seaside and farm animals and memories of her childhood. Jane lives in Felsham in Suffolk.




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