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is blogging worth it

Is blogging worth it? We think the answer is definitely…  YES!

The research, the writing, the feedback, the photography, when all bought together your blog becomes a live journal of your creative life and a fantastic way of bringing traffic to your online craft shop.  Blogging is not easy,  however when done right the return on investment of time can be big.

Your blog should become the beating heart of your marketing campaign.   Whether you are sharing details of your latest post on Instagram or Facebook, Twitter or Snapchat, having a blog gives you a little piece of the internet that is all yours,  invite people to look around and get to know you and your craft better.

You can think of a blog as the axis of your online marketing, where you draw traffic in using the various spokes of your marketing strategy –  social media content, search engine optimisation, newsletters, and referrals from other websites and bloggers.


For example we’ve just added a ‘Shop the Feed’ to our Instagram profile so people can easily head here and find the link they need, as you can’t add live links to your Instagram pics. Once here, they’ll also find all the amazing seller interviews and tips for setting up their own craft shops. Plus we can promote the link on our other channels and encourage more people to follow us on Instagram to see more lovely British contemporary craft.

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The goal of your blog is to show off the story of your brand, your personality as a maker and the craft which you are interested in. The essence of what defines your creative style and inspires your crafts.  This adds value and desirability to your designs.

Here are a few posts to get you started with blogging and to understand how writing a blog can help drive traffic to your Folksy shop.

How to find great content to share on your blog

Is your blog working as a marketing tool for your craft business?

Boost your blogging confidence

Starting a Blog

Could your blog work harder for you?

You have put all the effort in to your blog, could you be getting more out of it? Once your blog is established you could be in a position to earn additional income using your blog as a valuable online commodity.  Your blog is the online manifestation of your expertise and influence online.

NOTE WELL! This does not mean adding billions of pop ups and garish adverts.  Instead you can look at ways in which you can transparently work with brands that complement your own work, your ethos and importantly can help to build your online presence.  Brands will pay for this mutually beneficial collaboration, that’s a win win situation, you will have more money to invest in marketing and building your brand.

Remember that any income earned through your blog also needs to be declared to HMRC. Read this useful guide for advice, “How to become a professional blogger“. The guide takes you through the various tax and insurance implications of monetising your blog – important to remember when you’re completing your yearly self assessment.

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Supporting the UK Craft Market… and Folksy!

At Folksy we are opening a Folksy ambassador programme where we will reward people financially for helping new Folksy shop owners to start selling with us.  We are beginning with a small selection of ambassadors and will be expanding the programme in the new year.  We are looking for bloggers, fellow Folksy sellers and anyone who is keen on investing time in supporting beautiful new shops and getting rewarded for it, not just financially but in the many creative and inspiring ways in which Folksy can support you.

Email hilary@folksy.co.uk if this would be of interest to you.

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