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#folksyfriday – Once upon a Time by Big Bird Little Bird

by Guest Blogger

Once upon a Time

By Big Bird Little Bird

The theme I’ve chosen is ‘Once upon a time…’ and it’s anything to do with fairytales. The collection is inspired by my new role helping out in a primary school and hearing the children’s stories and their fantastic imaginations. As adults we sometimes forget to play and have fun, but letting our own imagination run riot really helps our own creativity, and sometimes it’s nice to escape into a fantasy world for a bit!

Fairytale art, folksyfriday

I chose this dragon mosaic by Gill Aitken as the bold colours and the shimmery background really caught my eye.

I love this illustration by Chasing the Crayon, which shows the princess and fairytale animals playing Ring o’ Roses.

I like the clever use of layering and shading in this handmade wolf card by Starcross Crafts, which make it look like this noble wolf’s head is 3D.

I’m not a big fan of pink or glitter, so the fairy in this bracket by Metal Magpie, sitting looking thoughtful, epitomises what I think fairies are really like.

The big bad wolf always gets a bad rap in the storybooks, but this wolf doll by KeKeKaKa looks like he just wants to be your friend.

This huntsman by inkidot is bang up to date – he’s a bit of a hipster, and definitely looks like a modern day hero.

There’s just something about this unicorn brooch by Twinkle and Gloom that makes me smile. He looks very content!

This gorgeous Red Riding Hood Rabbit by Kayleigh Radcliffe would look great sitting on a shelf, where I’m sure she would be found listening intently to stories being read.


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Big Bird Little Bird, interview with Liz Clark

A bit about me: I’m Liz aka Big Bird, Little Bird, and I make various birds and animals from textiles using my own patterns. I particularly enjoy putting the eyes and faces on the birds and animals I make, as that’s when I can see their quirky personality emerge, which is nice when you’ve been working with them for a while! Many of my large pieces are one-of-a-kind artworks that take quite some time to complete. I also create smaller birds with locally grown lavender inside.




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