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Fiona T, Halloween. Folksyfriday

Truly terrifying – a #folksyfriday by Fiona T

by Camilla

By Fiona T

Typically, Halloween screams ZOMBIES! in the most blood-curdling way… but having worked with the undead for years (just in a textile-y way), I think I’ve become somewhat desensitised to their slow, shambling terror. Luckily there are plenty of other things to fear, so for this creepy-season #folksyfriday I’ve chosen some items that I find truly terrifying – seemingly innocuous, but just as deadly or sinister. These cool, cute & beautiful handmade decorative pieces would give me a shudder and a smile all year round!

Terrifying art, Fiona T


Clowns are receiving a lot of bad press at the moment, but this jolly looking chap by The Wee Emporium, is no doubt gainfully employed by an actual circus. I can’t imagine him moonlighting as a killer clown on his days off.

This greetings card is by Typelark is pretty terrifying. I adore letterpress for both its vintage appeal, and the tactile quality of the lettering on crisp card. But ouija boards terrify me because you just never know…

Monster Den’s adorable Brian Bat looks harmless enough. He’s entirely hand sewn and has glamorous sparkly wings. Beware though, as everyone who’s read enough fiction knows, bats spread vampire disease.

Twinkle & Gloom is one of my favourite Folksy artists, and this is one of my favourite prints. “It’s just jam…” but IS IT? Is it really?!! *shudder*

A haunted house, graveyard headstones and a creepy carved pumpkin – I love this steel hanging basket bracket by Metal Magpie. I’d have it hanging up at my front door all year round – a whole medley of scaries, with something bright and colourful spilling out.

Hey, I love a good arterial blood spray as much as the next girl. I imagine the wearer of this blood-splatter neck tie by SockJems Creations would be irresistably dashing and completely dreamy!

This enchanting little mohair kitty by Loopy La La looks perfect for snuggling… but lore has it that black cats were witch’s familiars (demon spies and companions in animal form).

I love this little original by Siansbury’s. Bleak, misty, desolate moorland with too many shadows… and possibly a ghost. Imagine being lost out there (without telephone or gps) *shiver*

Goats, hessian & taxidermy are all in my top 200 of things that frighten me, but I’d happily sleep in a house with this stunning head on the wall. Probably. Absolutely exquisite textile art by Characters by Julia.

YES! strongly agree! Delightful typography print by Dickens Ink.


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Fiona T, zombiesFiona T lives and works in a teeny mill worker’s cottage in Belper, Derbyshire. She studied printed textiles in South Africa, did an art and design foundation course in Grimsby and graduated from Nottingham Trent University with a degree in textile design (specialising in embroidery). Like her sister, Little Black Heart, Fiona has an unconventional outlook and an obsession with zombies, which organically morphed into an enjoyable business: small scale production of entirely handmade and original zombie-related functional art.




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Sianuska October 26, 2016 - 9:51 pm

Love this! All the cool kids at school used to do ouija boards in the local cemetery. I was too much of a geeky scaredy cat to join in!

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