Home Competitions Join the #wipsandblooms Instagram challenge and win a Folksy apron, ruler and a Folksy Plus account!
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Join the #wipsandblooms Instagram challenge and win a Folksy apron, ruler and a Folksy Plus account!

by Camilla

Join the #wipsandblooms May challenge

Do you follow the #wipsandblooms hashtag run by Folksy seller Katie Robbins aka Ceramic Magpie? Well, for the month of May, we’re thrilled to be the guest judge and we’d very much love you all to join in. There’s a nice prize on offer for the winner too!

If you haven’t taken part in the #wipsandblooms challenge before, here’s what you need to do:

If you’re a knitter, weaver, potter, baker, artist or any kind of maker then the challenge is to capture part of your process, and style your creation alongside a flower or some greenery to celebrate that moment of making. (The #wips bit of the hashtag stands for #workinprogress and the #blooms bit is the added botanicals.) Then when you post your photo on Instagram, just add the hashtag #wipsandblooms and tag us @folksyhq and @ceramicmagpie.

We will be sharing our favourites throughout May on our Instagram feed and elsewhere too. Then at the end of the month, we will choose our favourite picture posted on the #wipsandblooms tag and that person will win a screen-printed Folksy apron, a rare and much sought-after wooden Folksy ruler AND a Folksy Plus Account.



Learn more about hashtags and how to run your own in #FolksyHour

Katie started the #wipsandblooms hashtag last year as a way to connect with more people on Instagram (fellow makers and customers). It now has over 8,000 posts on it and is a firm favourite for many makers, while Katie’s own Ceramic Magpie account has grown to over 22k followers.

In this week’s edition of #folksyhour on Twitter, Katie will be sharing her tips for anyone interested in starting their own hashtag or understanding more about hashtags work and how they can help your creative business.

Join Katie in #FolksyHour this Tuesday 9th May from 8-9pm (UK time)
Learn more about #folksyhour and how you can join in here >

See Katie’s handmade ceramics in her Folksy shop > 


wipsandblooms, ceramic magpie, Folksy apron, May challenge, competition

Join the #wipsandblooms challenge to win this Folksy apron and ruler and a Folksy Plus account!


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