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New categories have arrived on Folksy

by Camilla

Personalised Presents and Wedding Thank You Gifts – new categories!

This week we’ve added a whole new set of categories and sub-categories on Folksy to tie in with two growing markets: personalised products and wedding thank you gifts. The sections are now live on Folksy so if you have products that fit, you can move them to their new home! We’ve listed all the new sub-categories and categories below and you will also see them as options when you list new products.

London Bus Personalised Print in main image by Alex Foster Illustration 

More Personalised Products

Personalised products have become HUGE over the last few years (the Google Trends graph below shows how much the demand for ‘personalised gifts’ has increased since 2008), with personalised jewellery and personalised prints being two of the most popular areas. As independent designers and makers, you’re in a great position to take advantage of this trend as you can tailor-make your products and add bespoke details.

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So to help you reach more customers searching for personalised gifts, we’ve added a new Personalised Prints category and related sub-categories, and new personalised sub-categories within the Jewellery sections. Here’s a list of the new personalised sections:


NEW!  Personalised Prints category:

Wedding Thank You Gifts

Every month more than 14,000 people search for ‘Bridesmaid Gifts’ on Google. And that’s just gifts for bridemaids! Add in gifts for groomsmen, ushers, Mother of the Bride and flowers girls, and that’s a whole lot of thank you gifts! To help you stand out in this market, we’ve created a brand new category for ‘Wedding Thank You Gifts‘. Here’s what’s in it…


NEW!  Wedding Thank You Gifts category:

Bridesmaid Gifts, Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

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Diane Lee (Silverhares) May 16, 2017 - 6:58 pm

Pleased to see the new personalised jewellery section – I hope this will help our truly handmade products visiable in a world of mass production

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