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Wedding Thank You Gifts – Opportunities to expand your range of giftware

wedding thank you gifts ideas

How to reach the market for wedding thank you gifts

In this post we look at ways you can tweak your products to appeal to the Wedding Thank You gifts market which has become an essential of the average couple’s wedding spend.

Image Credit: Wedding Thank You Keepsakes by Bonschelle

The gift market is huge!

In a country with a population of 65 million, there are approximately 178,000 UK birthday’s every single day. More than 700,00 babies are born each year and there are around 250,000 weddings a year in England and Wales alone. In other words, there are crowds of people looking for gifts every single day and most of them will be searching the internet for ideas and inspiration. So how do you make sure your products get noticed?

best man gift beer boxA wonderful Best Man gift idea – Personalised Best Man Beer Box 

Target specific markets

Of the huge numbers of online shoppers, many will be looking for something that’s not mass produced, a unique gift that will actually be appreciated and remembered. It’s useful to hone in on specific markets within these broader markets, to tweak your product ranges and optimise product listings.

In this post, we’re focusing on how you can reach people looking for thank you gifts for the wedding party. We’ll be investigating other niche gift markets soon, so do sign up for our seller newsletter for market insights and useful keyword lists.


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bridesmaid thank you gift idea

Personalised bridesmaid gift idea – a lovely framed thank you from Helen McCartney Designs on Folksy.


NB! We’re not talking about wedding gifts

Wedding gifts can be a bit tricky as many couples ask for cash (apparently around 48%), while many others ask for charitable donations. Wedding gifts are increasingly less popular now, as people are cohabiting before marriage or if they do ask for gifts, many couples are choosing to set up a wedding list at a department store so they can get specific products.

We want you to look specifically at products you can create to fill the growing market for wedding thank you gifts.


List of keywords for wedding thank you gifts

Keyword PhraseUK Search Volume (per month)
Bridesmaid gifts

Mother of the bride gifts5400
Best man gifts6600
flower girl gifts2400
page boy gifts2400
Wedding thank you cards6600
Bridesmaid thank you cards590

As you can see from this basic keyword research, there is a big market for thank you gifts. These are the words that people type into search engines to find what they are looking for when they need a gift. So how can you adapt or tweak your range of products to make a range that will fit this particular market?


glitter hipflask for bridesmaids

Glittery Hip Flasks – not your usual bridesmaid gift, but you know they’ll love them! Designed by Taylor Two

Could you make giftware? Do your products fit the wedding thank you gift market?

When you are just starting out selling handmade products online, the word giftware may sound way too commercial. For many of the growing numbers of designer-makers and craftspeople, giftware is something you may associate only with established designers who attend huge trade fairs like Pulse, Top Drawer and the Spring Fair.

Don’t be put off, though. While you may not be in a position to create large wholesale quantities of identical products, unique and personalised gifts are much sought after by engaged couples wanting to make an impression with their thank you gifts. Something handmade could be exactly what they are looking for! Many couples will have a much larger budget than you might imagine, so don’t assume gifts need to be inexpensive.

You don’t have to follow the crowd either. Creating something a little different for a bride to say “thank you for being my bridesmaid” could see your order book consistently full all year round.


Silver bridesmaid bangle

Pretty sterling silver bangle with heart bridesmaid gift by Written in Silver on Folksy

Where to find ideas for wedding thank you gifts

We recommend immersing yourself in the world of weddings! There are lots of online and print magazines with details of the latest trends in contemporary wedding styling.

wedding blogs uk twitter list

Personalised Jigsaw wedding cake topper – by Lemon Treehouse

We’ve created this handy Twitter list which you can instantly follow to keep up with all the latest blog posts and wedding industry news. Just check in on the list every now and again, retweet, share and, importantly, learn from all the content the wedding industry experts are sharing in their Twitter feeds each day.

Pinterest is also a goldmine of great ideas for wedding party and bridesmaid gifts!

Our Handmade Wedding board on Pinterest has over 50,000 followers!

Always ask yourself ‘Who is my customer?’

If you’re selling your handmade goods online, it’s likely they won’t always be bought by the ‘end user’ but will be purchased by others for birthday gifts, Mother’s Day gifts and Christmas presents, so you’re not always sure who your target customer is or what they are looking for. But in this case, your customer is very clearly defined. With 250,000 weddings a year in the UK, there are a lot of brides and grooms looking for presents! You just need your products to show up in searches, in the press or in gift guides.

Work out what kind of bride your work will suit and think about the kind of products they will be drawn to. Then think how you could make your products appealing as gift ideas for bridesmaids or groomsmen. Bracelets and cufflinks may seem unoriginal but there are many couples who will stick to traditional gifts, you may just need to think of a little twist!

ceramic heart wedding gift

Ceramic Heart wedding thank you gift – a lovely memento for a bridesmaid made by Charlotte Hupfield Design on Folksy


Improve your visibility online

Optimise your product listings. Research keywords that brides will be searching for and include as tags on your listings and in your product titles, descriptions and the titles of your collections. We’ve given you a few of the most popular keywords in our table above but you might want to make the search more niche. For example, instead of focusing on a highly competitive keyword like ‘Bridesmaid Gifts’, you could try a long-tail keyword that includes more detail about your specific product.

Learn more about using keywords in product listings

Style your product photography

When you’re taking photos of your products, take two sets if your gift fits two markets Confetti, lace, a bouquet; be creative with your props and backgrounds.  Styling your photographs gives you more opportunity to be featured by wedding influencers and in our own gift guides, like this Bridesmaid Gifts guide.

How to take styled product photography shots

Network with industry influencers

Social media is not just an advertising vehicle.  Use social media channels like Twitter, Indtagram and Pinterest to find influencers within the wedding industry.  Don’t spam them with your products, just start a conversation and look for opportunities where you could work together.  Perhaps you could offer them a prize for a competition, or maybe you could write a review of their website?

social media tips, designer and maker advice,

Huge list of social media tips for designer makers


Use our Folksy Forums to find fellow sellers on Folksy who might be interested in collaborating with you to mutually benefit each other.  For example, could you work with a wedding stationer?  Perhaps you could offer to write a review of their work or give their customers a 10% discount off your products?  What better way to reach a bride than through her wedding stationer, gown designer or photographer!  Just be sure that the collaboration is mutually beneficial.

Collaboration and business partnership tips

Promotions & Competitions

A promotion can help to convince your couple to make an order, eg a discount or a free gift for the bride when she purchases the bridesmaid gifts.  Promotions can also be great for raising awareness of your work, rather than immediate sales.

Tips for running a sale and using discount codes

How to run a successful competition

Let us know if you have any questions or need advice about the wedding thank you gift market, or getting featured by Folksy – just leave a comment.

No matter how small your craft business, you need to understand the gift market in order to expand the opportunity for your work to sell consistently throughout the year as well as during the busy times such as Christmas and Mother’s Day.

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